Today, there is a lot of pressure to be and act how you want to and screw anyone else who says different.

Individualism, subjectivism, and a whole bunch of others isms argue for the rights of the individual above all else. These beliefs and views push and push the agenda that we are supposed to care about ourselves over anyone else (or their thoughts); that no one should tell us how to behave or how to live. No one should interfere in our personal lives or decisions. People have been told how to live by the very same culture screaming to "not let anyone tell you how to live!"

I think, especially in America, that we have lost the ability (to a degree, anyway) to take criticism and run with it. Maybe this has how it has been for millennia and I'm only noticing it in the few short years I've been alive; maybe this is how it has always been. There was a time when the majority agreed on morality and nearly everyone gave common sense or advice that people actually listened to. Elders were listened to and young people (30 and under, honestly) knew they hadn't figured it all out. People knew that we had so much to learn in life, and that carried over to how they acted and lived.

Again, I can't figure out why this shift happened. Nor am I longing/dreaming for a magical fantasy land where everything was right back in the 50s. I know everything was not perfect back then. Don't miss my point please.

I guess what I'm striving to communicate is that we need not walk around, strutting our stuff, when we hardly know what we're doing. There is nothing wrong with saying "I'm a kid" and "I'm still learning." Be confident and go as hard as you can, 24/7. But don't think you're infallible. Because honestly, people should never stop learning; no matter how old they get.

"Seek Justice. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly with your God." Micah 6:8