Waiting For Fall

I grew up in a place where it was blue.

It was blue, it was yellow, it was green,

it was everything,

except it was all the same.

Things never really changed.

I love green.

The palm trees blowing in the wind and the unripe coconuts scattered on the ground.

The overgrown grass, after a few days of rain,

embellishing the beauty that already is Koko Head.

I love blue,

and how it always seems to compliment yellow.

The crystal waters as they kiss the sandy shore.

The cloudless sky and the bright, shining sun.

I love the colors of the sunset.

I watch as it drops slowly into the ocean.

Yellow, orange, red, pink, lilac, purple,

darker, deeper,

until its gone.

Back to blue.

I love it all.

But there's something I crave.

Something I always have craved.

A change.

I crave red, orange, yellow, brown, all at once.

Falling from the trees,

decorating the Earth,

blowing in the wind.

I'm waiting for fall.

To experience every leaf of it.

To put a piece of autumn in my pocket

and keep it in my heart.

I love my island paradise,

but I've always wanted seasons.

It's a new kind of paradise,

and I'm waiting.

I will learn to love red the way I know I love blue.

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