I'm "Waitin On My Sunny Day"

I'm "Waitin On My Sunny Day"

Summer cannot come fast enough.

Most days I really love my school, but then there are days or weeks that make me wish I had chosen a school that got out of summer earlier. Now, this wasn’t even a factor when I decided to come here, however recently I’ve been having a bad case of wanting summer.

My friends who go to other schools are most definitely not helping my situation. They all finish school within the next two weeks, and I’m sitting here counting down the days. There’s 28 left in case anyone was wondering.

Why might this school go so long into the month of May you ask? Well, it’s because they give students two months off for winter break all so that they can fit a winter session into that time. It all comes down to money.

The longer we stay in school, the more money they acquire. And I’m not saying I mind being at school. I love hanging out with my friends and I love the campus. It’s just the amount of work and exams I’m dealing with that I’d rather forgo.

Now, it might seem like I’m really hating on UD here. That’s not the case at all! I’m just getting a little grumpy with wishing for summer to come sooner rather than later. Maybe my summer mood was shifted into gear when we were given the beautiful weather a few weeks ago, and now we’re stuck with ‘meh’ weather until it changes again.

My mood definitely correlates with the weather. I don’t think I would mind being here if I could sit outside on the green and do my work with some friends while listening to music. The nice weather just brings out the happiness in all of us.

As I’m sitting writing this, the weather is bleak and windy and rain is in the forecast! Typical April weather. One way I have been getting through my ‘summer blues’ is listening to Bruce Springsteen. Yes, I am a Jersey girl through and through.

If anyone has passed my room in the last few days, you’re most likely to hear some Bruce and the E Street Band blasting from the other side of my door. It’s the little bit of summer that I can bring to dull Delaware this time of year.

Most recently I was listening to “Waitin On A Sunny Day”. I didn’t realize how much it applied to my summer longing until I was telling a friend about it. It not only pertains to this gray day here, but it also relates to my countdown until summer.

For me, Bruce is the way to get into the summer mood. There’s nothing like picturing driving over the bridge to the beach, seeing the ocean, and having ‘Born To Run’ blasting out of my car speakers.

I know anyone who is a beach bum like me is anxiously waiting for their sunny day. It will come soon enough, we just need to hold on a bit longer and chase the clouds away.

Cover Image Credit: Ariana Pelosci

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45 Things Day Care Workers Say All Too Often

Toddlers are pretty much tiny, drunk people.

Being the keeper of tiny humans can be a very interesting job. You are constantly breaking up arguments, cleaning up messes, trying to keep them safe, and telling them not to do things that are well, sometimes pretty weird. They do and say the strangest things that'll make you wonder what is really going on in their little heads.

1. "No no no, don't do *something crashes to the floor* ....that."

2. "Bubbles in your mouths every body!"

3. "No, we don't eat our friend's snack."

4. "Hands to yourself."

5. "Get off of the table before you hurt yourself."

6. "Why do we even give them spoons?"

7. "We don't put toys in our mouths"

8. "Did you wash your hands?"

9. "Where do we run? Where are we right now?"

10. "Where are your shoes?"

11. "We don't talk like that here."

12. "Go tell them you're sorry"

13. "Get your finger out of your nose"

14. "Inside voices please!"

15. "Every one find a buddy."

16. "Ew ew ew, some body get me a tissue!"

17. "How did your shoes untie already? I just tied them five minutes ago."

18. "We do nice with our hands."

19. "Oh god, it's spaghetti day."

20. "Please, do not put noodles in your hair."

21. "Hold hands until we are on the play ground!"

22. "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head..."

23. "Do you have to poop?"

24. "Well you should at least try."

25. "Why didn't you go to the potty before we went outside."

26. "If I hear "Let it go" one more time..."

27. "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.."

28. "Mommy and Daddy will come back, I promise."

29. "No, no biting!"

30. "She had it first, you'll just have to wait until she's done."

31. "Ew, why are you dipping everything in applesauce?"

32. "Now, are you going to eat the vegetable with the ranch or just the ranch?"

33. "Then why did you say you weren't eating snack?"

34. "Put your arms back in your sleeves."

35. *Five minutes before closing* "Where are your parents??"

36. "I finally got him to sleep, everyone be quiet."

37. *You see one eye open* "Oh no..."

38. "Wow, all your kids are still sleeping!?" (We wish we said this more often)

39. "Don't eat that, it was on the floor!"

40. "Glue the google eyes on here." *puts the eyes anywhere but there*

41. "Stop fighting over who's going to turn off the lights, you'll get a turn tomorrow."

42. "Don't shove so much food in your mouth at once, you'll choke!"

43. "Chew and swallow your food before you get up."

45. "Don't touch anything until we wash your hands!"

As weird as these small people are, they are some of the sweetest beings on the planet. And although they drive you crazy, at the end of the day, they make you love your job.

Cover Image Credit: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1223221/images/o-KIDS-MESS-facebook.jpg

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To The Sun, Feel Free to Come Out at Any Moment

I need you in my life...

Dear Sun,

You’re teasing me, darling. Stop playing hard to get! I think you’ve tortured me enough. I admire you so much and you’ve earned my respect. I will never use or harm you because I genuinely love you. There’s no reason to hide from me anymore. I will treat you right, so please, please come out.

You're my favorite thing to wake up to, and the hardest thing to say goodbye to. I love the warmth and positivity that you bring into my life. I'm just sad over why you left me.

I thought we were on good terms. For the first 18 years of my life when I lived in California, we were perfect. Our relationship just hasn't been the same ever since I moved to Oregon. I don't see you that much anymore.

Where are you? Why are you hiding from me? I always used to see you, and now you come in and out of my life. This is not a healthy relationship for either of us. It's too unstable. You're being too wishy washy. Was it something I did? Was it something I said? Why are you doing this, Sun?

We go through this every year. You hide away from me from October through March. I never even see you. You're only putting half effort into this relationship. Sometimes, I see you in April, May and June. Then you're only here to stay during August and July. During these months, you're the Sun I know and love. Just like old times. I don't see you more often than I do see you. I'm angry about it.

Well now, it's May. In California at this time, you would've been around for maybe a month or two. So, where are you at now? I'm waiting... you can come out at any time. Seriously...

We had a fantastic time together about a week ago, but then you left me. And now the skies are gray, gray, and more gray. In frickin' May. Why? I love you so much. Don't break up with me. Please come back to me.


The one who loves you the most

Cover Image Credit: Colette Wright

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