I've honestly never wanted kids at any point in my short 19 years of living—ever. Maybe it's just because I have no patience for literally anyone (yes, even small children—I'm awful) or maybe it's from all the horrifying experiences of pregnancy I've heard about from friends and family. Regardless, kids aren't something I see in the cards for me and I know a lot of others can personally agree that they aren't meant for childbearing either. However, plenty of others around my age have dreamed of having anywhere from one to six kids since middle school (because for some reason we start thinking about having kids at that age).

Now, I'm not saying having kids is horrible and you're throwing your life away if you do it. Not at all. We definitely need to keep the human race alive—until the environment decides that we're done for, at least. I just don't think that needs to be the only thing we all see as our future.

My mom has told me multiple times, "Emma, never have kids". Of course, the first time I heard this I was shocked because she herself had kids and I am indeed one of those kids. She obviously loves me a lot and when she tells me this it comes from a place of such. She tells me how she wants me to aspire to my dream career, travel, and experience all the wonderful things you can only really get the most out of when you're young. So, when she tells me never to have kids, I couldn't agree more. Or at least just I'll never have kids until I've fully completed the first chapter of my life.

I think getting married and having kids cut our time to fully live short. Sure, there are a lot of beautiful things to be had with having a family of your own, but there are so many burdens that come with it too. Especially when you're still only in your twenties. It means settling down and committing to the lives of others when you haven't even really lived out your own in the ways that can only be fully done as a childless-young adult.

Again, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with having kids. It just doesn't make sense to me to do it so young when you have so much out there waiting for you and when you have the choice. I'm also not saying that you MUST see every corner of the globe before you have kids—that's unrealistic, to say the least.

What I'm really trying to say here is that I think you need to feel at peace with what you've experienced and done in your youth before having your life be almost entirely focused on building up the lives of your children. There is nothing more bitter than regret and that is not something you need to have in your heart going into that new chapter of true parent/adulthood. You wouldn't jump to chapter two in a book without finishing chapter one- you'd probably be missing crucial aspects of the story. YOUR story.