I recently went to Dave and Buster's where I tried the new Jurassic World VR simulator. This is the first time that I had ever done virtual reality, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. The images were so real and it incorporated the correct movement to match the terrain as well as the proper sound effects.

Although it was a separate $5 to do this game at Dave and Buster's, I think it was totally worth the experience.

After going on the ride, I started to think about the other places VR is being used and how far technology has really come.

Even though VR is quite impressive, it does have a long way to go.

I still remember being in sixth grade when the popular phone to get was the Razor. Thinking of having to text via the flip phone style, I think I would die again. I would have to go back to all the abbreviations that I used to use and spend longer to text someone. Now, it's so simple that I can just raise my phone to text. I know this is how quickly VR is going to progress.

During the simulation, there were sometimes that I felt motion sickness because of the movement of the projection. I know that several people have talked about this giving them a problem as well. It limits the amount of time that people want to spend in a VR game. In order to really compete as a game for everyone, there needs to be better developments to combat the movement in VR.

I can really see VR becoming the thing that makes games more interesting. I have heard of some places that are utilizing VR headsets to enhance the experience. One indoor trampoline arena is providing headsets and allowing participants to jump in different settings. I have even heard people talking about being in a VR headset to play a game like Call of Duty in an open space. The headsets project the game itself and allows people to see 3D images of other people who are playing the game.

I think that incorporating virtual reality into more game aspects or simulations will be a very cool feature at amusements parks or museums. It seems that this is where the technology trend is heading to in the future.