April is a month full of different opportunities. Spring is attempting to finally show up, changes are being made, and different spring activities are starting to pop up. With all of the fun activities going on, it's easy to find something to do and you might even end up finding an activity you never thought you could enjoy.

One of the best opportunities out there is the ability to volunteer. While volunteer activities go on year round, some activities open up only during warmer months. Being that April is National Volunteer Month, it seems fitting to name a few volunteer activities to get involved in this spring.

1. Animal Shelters

Animal shelters tend to be in need of volunteers to help with caring for the animals that they take in. While the veterinarians and vet techs take care of things along the line of medications, they can always use volunteers to help with other portions of the shelter.

Cleaning up after the animals, providing play times, going through donations and helping bathe/groom the animals are all parts of volunteering. You'll help make the animals feel safe and loved, even if it's only for a short time. Being a volunteer, you may also get to help with the adoption events and fundraisers as well. Check out your local ASPCA to see what opportunities they might have.

2. Children's Hospitals

One of the more innovative ways of volunteering that I've seen regarding children's hospitals. Some people, like those volunteering with the Golisano Children's Hospital, have a whole network of people to help create comfort teddy bears for children staying in the hospital. The network has a series of people who cut out outfits for the bears, sew the outfits together and then dress the bears before being sent off to the children.

Another option for the same hospital is sewing little scrub caps with cartoon characters on them for the children so they have something familiar when going into surgery. Others dress up and sing as favorite characters.

3. Libraries

Library systems often have a volunteer program for those who want to be active in their communities. Some positions offered in general are reading groups, toddler play times, and resume building workshops. These volunteer-run activities often provide an outlet for members of the community.

Fundraisers for the libraries are also generally run by the volunteers in conjunction with the actual librarians. In volunteering, you may help someone to get their dream job, help contribute to child literacy, and maybe even make a friend or two.

4. Soup Kitchens

Another way to volunteer in the community is through local soup kitchens. You can help to serve food and maybe make somebodies day. You can also donate to the local soup kitchens and provide non-perishable goods or hold a can drive in which you help to battle hunger in your community. In providing basic items, such as toiletries, food and water, you may make a struggling individuals life just a little bit easier for at least one day.