VoIP comes from the term in English, Voice over IP or voice over IP, this technology makes it possible for the voice signal to be digitized in a data packet, VoIP forms the basis of economical telephone communications, which allows having an efficient communication over any IP network including those connected to the Internet and local area networks or LAN.

IP phones

The IP telephone or IP terminal is the main device and specifically designed for use in VoIP. and that allows to make a communication using an IP network.

The IP telephone converts and compresses the voice signal into data packets that will be sent on the IP network, instead of using the telephone network.

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Access Gateway

A VoIP gateway is a network device that helps convert voice calls, in real time, between an IP network and the public switched telephone network, converting their analog telephones to digital ones.

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IP Centrals

In the new era of digital communications, telephone exchanges have evolved into powerful routing and call management machines capable of using conventional number lines, Internet access via fiber channels and, of course, IP telephony. Today you can count on a powerful tool of this type in your company.