Although college is an amazing time, it sure can be stressful. It is nice to be able to get away for a couple days, destress, and be reunited with your home.

Here are the best things about coming home from college, and what makes the time so worthwhile.

1. Being reunited with your one true love, your bed.

Nothing compares to the comfort of your own bedroom, and your own bed. Your bed at school just isn't quite right. It's too hard, or too soft, or too small. You get the best nights of sleep when you come home.

2. Eating your favorite home cooked meals.

Whether your parents cook it for you, or you cook it yourself, there is something about eating from your own kitchen. It tastes so much better, and is always a plus when your mom says you get to pick what is for dinner that night.

3. Never setting an alarm.

No need to wake up for class while at home. No need to worry about oversleeping. You get to sleep for however long you want while at home.

4. Spending quality time with your parents.

After being away from your parents for such long period of time, it is amazing to be reunited with them at home. It is so much better than the FaceTime calls and text messages you exchange while at school.

5. Seeing your high school friends.

Especially when you all attend different colleges, nothing beats being reunited when you are all home together.

6. Visiting your old sports teams.

Being a part of a team is a very special thing, and coming home to it and seeing what the team has accomplished since you've left is very rewarding.

7. Eating at your favorite local restaurants.

Portillos is a must have every time I come back home to Chicago.

8. Your mom takes you shopping.

You spend a day together doing girly things, and maybe she will even take you to get your nails done too.

9. Drives on your favorite local roads with the music blasting.

Especially if you don't have a car at school, being able to drive again is amazing. Driving around the roads you are used to, with your favorite songs playing and you singing along with them.

10. You gain a larger appreciation for where you come from.

Now, after awhile, you are ready to go back to your home away from home: college.