The 10 Best Reasons To Visit The PA Farm Show

The 10 Best Reasons To Visit The PA Farm Show

Butter sculpture, milkshakes, and farm animals galore! What more can you need?

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For those that do not know, in the beginning of January the Pennsylvania Farm Show is held in Harrisburg, PA. This is the largest indoor agricultural event held in the United States. You can find yourself strolling hall after hall here watching different competitions, seeing different animals, buying products from local vendors, and even eating some yummy food. These are the 10 reasons you HAVE to go to the PA Farm Show, however.

1. The milkshakes.

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2. The milkshakes.

3. The milkshakes.

4. The milkshakes.

5. The milkshakes.

6. The milkshakes.

7. The milkshakes.

8. The milkshakes.

9. The milkshakes.

10. The milkshakes.

Let's be real, the Farm Show is AMAZING but in reality the best part, hands down, will always be the milkshakes.

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