Why I Made A Vision Board And You Should Too

This summer started off with taking some college classes as well as trying to fill my free time with work and gym. Being a student and having so many things race through my mind, it all gets lost somewhere and even with a planner, I do not feel organized enough. My thoughts sometimes are lost due to my hectic schedule and good ideas just seem to come in and never stay for long. I have tried to keep a notebook with me to jot them down but it became tedious. Deadlines and thoughts of the future are constantly haunting my mind and I didn't have anywhere to put them but to keep digging them into my brain.

Through all the chaos that haunts my brain continuously, I remembered something. A few years ago my cousin telling me about her vision board. Now you may be asking, "what the hell is a vision board?" Good question, let me explain. You take a board. It can be anything made from cork, cardboard, poster or even a dry erase board. You then use that board and put all the things you envision in your life. All your wants, dreams, goals, what you want to achieve or what you're working toward. Hence, the vision board.

My cousin is spiritual and is unique in her own way which I always applaud her for. She told me about her vision board and what it was. I love anything that is crafty and organized so I do not know why I didn't think of making one sooner. She put all her goals - what she wanted for her future and her career - into her board. It looked visually appealing which makes you want to focus on your goals just as much. There is this thing called the 'law of attraction' and it means that we attract anything that we give attention to. The goal is that when we envision something and work for those things to become a reality we attract it and make it come true for ourselves.

Now you do not have to believe in any law of the universe or anything to make a vision board and you do not have to be spiritual. You can't just create a vision board and expect it to magically come true and give you everything you ever dreamed of. It doesn't work that way. What you have to do is believe in yourself and what you want to achieve and become in the future. That is the key to the vision board. To help you visualize your goals, hopes and dreams to help you see that they can become a reality if you work towards them.

Things that I put on my vision board are college goals, life/wellness goals, as well as relationship and personal quotes that are meaningful to me. I used a black poster board and framed it with a cheap frame to make it look just a little more fancy. You can also use washi tape to add borders or use sticky notes and make them into shapes. You can have bright colors or you can just choose colors to match your desk space or room. I used personal pictures and also favorite quotes to tie it all together and to make it more personal. The ideas are endless, which is why I had so much fun coming up with ideas and putting it together.

You can be as creative as you want with a vision board (or go over board like me, get the pun?). You can even just put a few pictures and call it good as long as you pay attention to it. The whole point is for you to envision your future and to work on something from it everyday and to be productive in building your life and future. As long as you have the mentality to work on it and embrace the change then the board did its job.

Get creative and be inspired!

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