Villanova Theatre is location on campus in Vasey Hall. The current production being held there is a musical entitled 'She Loves Me' that is showing from November 6 to November 18. I had never been to a musical production at Villanova before and I ended up loving it!

The intimate atmosphere of the hall kept the audience engaged and provided a special experience for all involved. I personally have never seen a musical from so close before, so this was a new experience for me. I liked being close to the actors and actresses because it gave me insight into little nuances I wouldn't have noticed before.

The actors and actresses involved in the production were very talented. There were a number of dramatic scenes that did not come off as cheesy, and the musical numbers were very complex. Many of the musical pieces had dance components as well as overlapping singing parts. The complexity of the musical numbers was very impressive and the cast did a great job keeping the audience engaged with these high energy scenes.

The plot of 'She Loves Me' resembled a modern rom-com. The two main characters feud with each other in the beginning of the play while both simultaneously writing letters to their unknown love. Both characters never met the person they exchange letters with until about the middle of the play. That is all I will say concerning the plot of the play as to not give away everything. Overall, this musical production was very impressive. 10/10!