Villanova Theatre's Production Of 'She Loves Me'

Villanova Theatre's Production Of 'She Loves Me'

10/10 would recommend!


Villanova Theatre is location on campus in Vasey Hall. The current production being held there is a musical entitled 'She Loves Me' that is showing from November 6 to November 18. I had never been to a musical production at Villanova before and I ended up loving it!

The intimate atmosphere of the hall kept the audience engaged and provided a special experience for all involved. I personally have never seen a musical from so close before, so this was a new experience for me. I liked being close to the actors and actresses because it gave me insight into little nuances I wouldn't have noticed before.

The actors and actresses involved in the production were very talented. There were a number of dramatic scenes that did not come off as cheesy, and the musical numbers were very complex. Many of the musical pieces had dance components as well as overlapping singing parts. The complexity of the musical numbers was very impressive and the cast did a great job keeping the audience engaged with these high energy scenes.

The plot of 'She Loves Me' resembled a modern rom-com. The two main characters feud with each other in the beginning of the play while both simultaneously writing letters to their unknown love. Both characters never met the person they exchange letters with until about the middle of the play. That is all I will say concerning the plot of the play as to not give away everything. Overall, this musical production was very impressive. 10/10!

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Why Theatre Is So Important

The historical and cultural significance of keeping theater alive.

While I am not specifically involved in the theater, I attend a liberal arts college where I receive an education in a variety of subjects. My education teaches me to be knowledgeable of the theater and arts in a way where most other schools would not. I have learned the benefits of receiving a liberal arts education as well as getting out and experiencing the theater and performing arts. Here are some of the historical and cultural benefits to experiencing the theater and performing arts.

The theater and performing arts are a great way to learn about culture and the world around us. Most people who do not go out and experience theater, do not know as much about culture and the world around them. Theater has existed in the world for centuries, and should not die out or become irrelevant. Going to the theater allows people to experience culture and partake in activities that their ancestors might have once done. Going to the theater carries on the human tradition of going out and enjoying entertainment in the form of theater just as humans have been doing for centuries. Most people in today's culture watch Netflix, or rent movies, so it is extremely important to go to the theater and keep that tradition alive.

Not only does going to the theater help people to experience history just as humans have been doing for centuries. Going to the theater also allows people to learn about history and culture from whatever show it is that they may be seeing. Theater and theatrical presentations are filled with historical and cultural information from whatever time period the show is being written in. Furthermore, if a show is set in a different time period than the one it is being written in, it can also teach about the time period that the show is being set in. There is so much that the theater can teach about history and culture. From the clothing that people wore during the time period of the show, to the way people talked and acted. Shakespearean plays, for example, take place and a historical and cultural period much different than our own. Through his plays, we learn about different mannerisms, cultural norms, and how people dressed and acted at the time of his plays.

In a society that is quickly being taken over by technology, it is important to keep the history and culture of our society alive. Going to the theater and enjoying the performing arts is just one of the many ways to keep our society's culture and history alive and well in our rapidly changing world.

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I Was In 'The Room Where It Happens,' And It's Filled With Inspiration

Click-boom, then it happened!


Click-boom. That's the phrase that comes to mind when I think about how a short 24 hours ago I was entering Richard Rodgers Theatre to see a little-known Broadway show: "Hamilton: An American Musical."

Before I go on and on about how amazing and captivating this show really is, I do want to let anyone reading this know how fortunate and lucky I feel that I got to even see this musical in person. This is probably the hottest show to see in the world right now (not to mention that tickets are more than a little bit expensive), and to be able to receive tickets as a Christmas gift is incredible. In other words, it's safe to say my parents did more than reasonably well this year.

I've been listening to Hamilton for a good two years now, so I would call myself a fan of the show but not a die-hard one. My little sister, on the other hand, practically knows every line from listening to it for the past couple of months and she got me even more into it from that. With her Christmas wishes and endless rapping every time she plugged in her earbuds- which happens way more than you would think- we were soon on our way to see Hamilton to kick off our 2019 in the best way.

"Hamilton" is a show that is literally consisted of the entire soundtrack that you can hear on Spotify, YouTube and practically anywhere you get your music from; but what makes seeing the whole thing live is how you feel with each note and instrument strum throughout your body and you get to see the movements and facial expressions of it all in real time. This is the case for all musicals and musicians when comparing recordings to their live performances (a.k.a. they are two totally different experiences), but "Hamilton" truly has an additional feeling that goes along with this regular one- well, at least it did for me.

Once the lights dimmed and the music immediately began to sound the title track, tears literally started to spring to my eyes. For the "Hamilton" listeners that know how the first song goes, it isn't the most emotional song in the show by any means, and I admit to feeling a bit silly for crying during this song in particular. But I think this has to do with the fact that I was seeing a song that I've been listening to for a while be performed right before my eyes, and add in the building-up-to-something-insanely-crazy tone of the whole rap, I found myself thinking I would cry through the whole show.

Turns out I didn't do that (well, I cried during two actually emotional songs: "Burn" and "It's Quiet Uptown"), but I felt myself completely enthralled with the show from start to finish. Usually daily tasks and life thoughts seem to widdle their way into my stream of consciousness during a live show that wants to pull me back to reality, but last night, I was living in the 16th century for a full three hours.

Seeing this show live made me appreciate history, and Lin-Manuel Miranda's craft, even more- if that was possible. It took Miranda eight years to finish just the songs that take up the entirety of the show, and that's without getting a cast together or a theatre to pitch the show to and have them host it.

Whenever I go to a show, I also analyze the technicalities as to how much actual work went into creating the show as well as making it a live production since I am a performer myself and have done theatre since high school. "Hamilton" has been one of the few shows I strongly believe has taken such an insurmountable amount of integrity, creativity and passion; this goes for any show, of course, but this one had to culminate the entire life of one of the Founding Fathers in an accurate and concise fashion. To this I say, "Lin-Manuel Miranda, you are a lyrical genius in every sense of the word. May I take a look inside your crazy, creative mind for just one second?"

And that's the other thing- "Hamilton" has made me realize for another time that creativity is truly limitless. No idea is crazy, and anything is possible, but you need to take the time to be patient with yourself and just look at what you have and see what you need. You may have to wait years for this plan to become a real thing, but if you stay on course, there is simply nothing that can stop the greatness from becoming real. This is the case with Miranda and Alexander Hamilton, and hopefully myself one day when my name is up in lights somewhere.

So "Hamilton" is a definite must-see for anyone in my book, and hopefully it will spark something inside of more people like myself. And to any Hamil-haters out there who say the show is "overrated" or "not even that great", you are of course entitled to your opinion; but as the witty King George III sang in the show, "You're on your own."

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