Whether it's Main, West, or South campus here at Villanova, you've probably seen a cross that placed somewhere that you could've sworn you've never seen one before. Before you go ahead thinking you're crazy, just know that you are not alone. I too have taken note of this phenomenon, and so have many of my friends. But what is it all about?

Most people seem to think that it has to do with decorations for Lent. After all, we are a Catholic university. However, it seems to me that this would raise more questions then it answers. Why put them out so late, or in some sense, early? Why not say anything about them? There are so many things to consider.

When I bring this up to my friends they just write it off as nothing and say "Dylan, shut up you've been talking about nothing but these crosses for days." But they just don't seem to get the implications of this. Nobody I know saw the crosses being put up, so how did they get there? You might be saying "Dude it was obviously maintenance or somebody." But was it though? How do we know for sure that they didn't just appear, some sort of Lenten miracle just for us. I guess there is truly no way to know.

I have been investigating as much as possible, even asking our President, Fr. Peter. He responded with a simple "What do you mean? They're for Lent?" I tried to ask more questions, if they would develop into more of a scene or story line, like a Living Stations of the Cross type thing. He said no, that they are just crosses and that's it, they will be gone before we get back from Easter Break.

This interaction seemed a little fishy to me, what exactly does he mean they will be gone? Like taken away? If so, by who? Or did he mean that they were going to be completely gone from reality. Considering I'm not even sure how they got there in the first place, I am not ready to make any assumptions about how they are going to leave.

All in all, despite my skepticism, for now, I guess I have no choice but to accept that they are probable decorations for Lent put up by somebody in the University. That being said, if somebody has any information about how these crosses got here and what they are about let me know so we can get to the bottom of these so called "decorations".