With Donald Trump in the White House and Kayne West seriously considering a 2020 campaign, it's safe to say that anyone can become President these days. And most of us will take just about anyone over our current leader.

At this rate, even movie villains would be better suited to the job. Here are 12 of them that would be loads better at governing than Trump.

1. Thanos

Thanos might have wiped out half of the world's population, but he did it to solve important problems like starvation and poverty.

Considering Trump doesn't even care about those issues, Thanos already has one up on him.

2. Darth Vader

You know things are bad when Anakin Skywalker would make a better leader than you. But hey, he started getting things done when he turned into Darth Vader. That's more than we can say for Trump.

Also, Vader actually knows that he's on the Dark Side.

3. Lord Voldemort

Now, I know what you're probably thinking. Voldemort and Donald Trump are both elitist bigots. How can one be superior to the other?

Well, Voldemort actually has two things going for him that Trump doesn't. For starters, Voldemort is openly bigoted. And America could use that sort of transparency in its current government. Think of how much easier change would be!

Secondly, Tom Riddle was at the top of his class when he was at Hogwarts. So unlike Trump, he's "like, a smart person."

4. Loki

OK, Loki would by no means be the kindest President the United States has ever had. But I'd much rather see his face plastered all over my television screen and morning newspaper.

Am I wrong here?

5. The Joker

The Joker's extremely unstable, and he says some outrageous shit. The bright side? He doesn't have a Twitter account.

6. Cersei Lannister

You can hate Cersei Lannister, but you can't deny how politically savvy she is. If she were colluding with Russia, you can bet that the rest of Westeros wouldn't find out about it.

I mean, even the people of King's Landing know better than to commit treason on an unsecured e-mail account.

7. The Night King

This probably isn't a fair competition. This guy has an undead army and an undead dragon. Sadly, that sounds like heaven compared to Trump's current cabinet.

8. Magneto

It took this guy a few minutes to move the Golden Gate Bridge. With his mind. We're almost two years into Trump's presidency, and he hasn't even started building that wall...

9. Killmonger

With his anger toward Wakanda for isolating itself from the rest of the world, we're pretty positive that Killmonger would at least try to do something about all this racism in America. He certainly wouldn't be cozying up to a bunch of Neo-Nazis.

10. Hades

Hades has the Underworld more or less under control. Plus, he has a sense of humor. He's funny. And not because we're laughing at him, but because the guy's got jokes.

11. Ursula

At least Ursula offers women their hearts' deepest desires before stealing their voices away. I'm just saying.

12. Plankton

Let's be real for a minute. Despite its lack of customers, the Chum Bucket has managed to stay afloat far longer than any of Trump's failed business endeavors. Kudos to Plankton.