My View on Vaping

I chose to vape because I want to quit smoking cigarettes. I do agree that it's just another smoking utensil and I'm just replacing cigarettes with this, but I know it's a little better than smoking a cigarette. All of the "vapers" are going to show future medicine what the results of long-term vaping does to the body. You can't say that vaping is completely healthy for you. Inhaling anything other than air is not healthy. I'm inhaling chemicals like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, plus all the other chemicals used for the flavoring.

I want to tell the younger generations to not take on smoking at all, even if it's a vape. I met a kid in one of my classes last semester and he asked me if I could get him some vape juice because he's not 21 yet. I asked him if he smoked cigarettes previously, and he replied, "No. I just have a vape because my friend gave it to me". That's just ridiculous in my opinion. Smoking is not attractive and it's an addiction I've been trying to stop for years. I told him to sell it and to not smoke at all, but of course he won't listen. I've been using a vape when I quit because it's really hard to quit cold turkey. I know people can do it, but the thing is, to quit a drug you have to want it. I don't want to fully quit, and that's what has always held me back.

A lot of the arguments I hear on vaping is that it's a lot better than cigarettes. It probably isn't, but at least you're not inhaling tar or rat poison. I know for myself that it isn't healthy at all, but I'd rather be smoking a vaporizer than a cigarette. With vapes, your breath or clothes don't smell, and a lot of the times the smoke smells good, too. It doesn't make you tired or sluggish like a cigarette can do after you've had one.

I'm not trying to promote using a vape; if you can, just quit cold turkey. Don't start smoking a vape because it tastes good. Avoid smoking! It's not a good habit. I'm paying the price for starting at such a young age. People are always afraid of the withdrawals that come from quitting. I know I was afraid of it, so I picked up my vape and started using that instead. When it comes to quitting any drug, you have to want to quit, and I think that's the hardest part for me. I still have a smoking cessation, and to be able to see the smoke come out of my mouth relaxes me. I believe one day I won't smoke anything at all, but for now I'm going to continue to use it. I'm proud of myself for not smoking cigarettes, but as my grandma has always told me, "You're trading cow shit for horse shit".

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