Instant Fiat and Crypto Swaps - How some banks are bridging the gap for users - VICTORIEUM

Instant Fiat and Crypto Swaps - How some banks are bridging the gap for users - VICTORIEUM

Instant Fiat and Crypto Swaps Join Victorieum


Cryptocurrency runs on a blockchain technology which is a decentralized platform - unlike Traditional banking sectors. Cryptocurrencies are playing a huge role in day to day financial transactions but the traditional banks are imposing several rules and regulations that are stopping from fiat to cryptocurrency swapping and vice versa.

Cryptocurrency is creating a revolution when it comes to the financial transactions across the globe but with so many rules and regulations, lack of the contextual information around the transaction, anonymity, and lack of customer service and full banking services are the main issues that are faced by cryptocurrencies in the present situation. There are so many monetary benefits with cryptocurrencies which will help in the improvisation of economy of the countries too but most of the countries are scared of the above mentioned consequences and aren't ready to invest in these currencies. This is how a gap has been formed between the users and cryptocurrencies. In order to bridge the gap, a new age bank named Victorieum entered into the market.

Victorieum is an offshore bank which supports various types of cryptocurrencies without any hassle and trades them with different type of fiat currencies. Any user who registers themselves with Victorieum bank will get a separate International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the Bank Identity Card (BIC). These are used as account number and sort code. They are provided in the internationally recognized format. These account number and sort code will aid the international transactions and make them easier.

The technology that has been used in Victorieum helps in easy and instant international SWAP between the fiat and cryptocurrencies. The bank supports varies fiat currencies including EURO, USD, GBP, etc. On top of that Victorieum provides its services for customers in 12 languages and the service is available 24/7. This will help the customers who are in various time zones to get access to the customer service without any fuss. The ICO investors are rewarded with free Victorieum credit and debit cards that will help in transactions. These cards are available in three variants including silver, gold and platinum cards.

Benefits of Victorieum Bank

There are huge benefits of Victorieum bank to its users. It delivers the following features

  • The Victorieum exchange is connected with the Victorieum bank and this result in fast fiat deposits and withdraws. The transactions are done fast and smooth.
  • The team of Victorieum bank is highly professional and knowledgeable. This helps in easy management of the trading.
  • Platforms like CivicTM and Trezor TM are integrated with Victorieum and this will help in providing the users with highest security to their money.
  • There would be instant swapping between the fiat and cryptocurrencies. At first the exchanges will be made with EUR and USD. Various other fiat currencies will be added further.
Victorieum is a new age bank that provides various latest and innovative features that will help in using the cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions.

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Be sure to send this to your college freshmen roommate if you love them as much as I love mine!


Dear College Freshmen Roommate,

To be honest, my first impression of you was a quiet, shy private catholic school girl. (Wow, this couldn't have been the farthest thing from the truth)! I remember walking behind you and your boyfriend on the way to the bars on our very first night of Summer B. I kept thinking how much you didn't like me because you didn't say hi to me. Little did I know, after admitting to each other our unfortunate first impressions of each other years later, you were just being cognizant of me because you thought I was a real-life version of Regina George from Mean Girls. It turns out you weren't the shy, private school girl I thought you were and I definitely wasn't as cool as Regina George after all.

Lexi Garber

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Lexi Garber

Forever and Always,

your college freshmen roommate

Lexi Garber

Lexi Garber

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African Techpreneurs catalysing the Blockchain Revolution



Africa has been in forefront of many advancements over the years, still it is not the first continent that people would consider for technological advances. This is due to the fact, that only the several challenges faced by Africa are advertised by media.

However, blockchain revolution has made its mark and African companies are adopting and experimenting in the tech space. Some of these companies include-


KubitX is a global hybrid digital asset exchange with focus on the emerging markets.They have partnered with NEM and Modul us Global. NEM is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies and platforms in the world. Modulus Global powers NASDAQ, and various other banks and financial platforms, CEO of Modulus is a member of the KuBitX advisory board. KuBitX is seeking to resolve some of Africa's biggest financial challenges, namely- remittance fees, payment processing fees, and fund transfer security. Additionally, the platform provides language diversification on their platform.

The Sun Exchange

Sun Exchange envisions to revolutionise the energy sector within the African continent. They have created a crowdfunding crypto exchange, which allows people to buy a share in an energy plant. This in turn is rented out to organisations or individuals to power their premises. The cost for rent is less than the current cost of electrical energy on the continent, easier to setup and access, and more sustainable.


Bitland is tapping blockchain technology to overcome the huge public records challenges in Ghana. Their focus is primarily on property surveys and title deeds. This is a critical need within Africa, due to the lack of record keeping that has been synonymous with Africa's history. The company is relatively new and still finding their feet, but is spearheading an incredibly important project.

Some other noteworthy projects

Amoney – utilises multi-rail tech to merge 4 rails; namely, Ripple, Stellar, Amoney, and Blockchain tech to unify crypto wallets, thus mobilising larger volumes of low-value cross-border payment.

Payfast – South Africa's biggest payment portal uses blockchain to provide stronger security measure for their transactions

Bankymoon – built the first smart metering solution for power and utility grids on blockchain technology

OTLW – builds and designs decentralised systems on IPFS and Ethereum technologies, that education, identity building, and reputation.

1.5% of all blockchain startups come from Africa. Although, the numbers are not quite impressive, with an exemplary vision the nation is headed towards conquering one of the biggest challenges in the financial space.

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