How some banks are bridging the gap for users

Instant Fiat and Crypto Swaps - How some banks are bridging the gap for users - VICTORIEUM

Instant Fiat and Crypto Swaps Join Victorieum


Cryptocurrency runs on a blockchain technology which is a decentralized platform - unlike Traditional banking sectors. Cryptocurrencies are playing a huge role in day to day financial transactions but the traditional banks are imposing several rules and regulations that are stopping from fiat to cryptocurrency swapping and vice versa.

Cryptocurrency is creating a revolution when it comes to the financial transactions across the globe but with so many rules and regulations, lack of the contextual information around the transaction, anonymity, and lack of customer service and full banking services are the main issues that are faced by cryptocurrencies in the present situation. There are so many monetary benefits with cryptocurrencies which will help in the improvisation of economy of the countries too but most of the countries are scared of the above mentioned consequences and aren't ready to invest in these currencies. This is how a gap has been formed between the users and cryptocurrencies. In order to bridge the gap, a new age bank named Victorieum entered into the market.

Victorieum is an offshore bank which supports various types of cryptocurrencies without any hassle and trades them with different type of fiat currencies. Any user who registers themselves with Victorieum bank will get a separate International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the Bank Identity Card (BIC). These are used as account number and sort code. They are provided in the internationally recognized format. These account number and sort code will aid the international transactions and make them easier.

The technology that has been used in Victorieum helps in easy and instant international SWAP between the fiat and cryptocurrencies. The bank supports varies fiat currencies including EURO, USD, GBP, etc. On top of that Victorieum provides its services for customers in 12 languages and the service is available 24/7. This will help the customers who are in various time zones to get access to the customer service without any fuss. The ICO investors are rewarded with free Victorieum credit and debit cards that will help in transactions. These cards are available in three variants including silver, gold and platinum cards.

Benefits of Victorieum Bank

There are huge benefits of Victorieum bank to its users. It delivers the following features

  • The Victorieum exchange is connected with the Victorieum bank and this result in fast fiat deposits and withdraws. The transactions are done fast and smooth.
  • The team of Victorieum bank is highly professional and knowledgeable. This helps in easy management of the trading.
  • Platforms like CivicTM and Trezor TM are integrated with Victorieum and this will help in providing the users with highest security to their money.
  • There would be instant swapping between the fiat and cryptocurrencies. At first the exchanges will be made with EUR and USD. Various other fiat currencies will be added further.
Victorieum is a new age bank that provides various latest and innovative features that will help in using the cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions.

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Paving the way to a Greener World with TerraGreen

Blockchain Based Renewable Energy Platform


In 2012, the global demand for power and energy was computed to be 158,000 TWh, and it's predicted to be rising ever since. Unfortunately, renewable energy sources have only provided for around 19.2% of this total world power demand. Further, to attain this share, numerous schemes have been proposed and implemented which include government policies, commercial-scale technology development, tax incentives, and alternative funding avenues.

Despite all these benefits, a considerable portion of power continues to be generated by non-renewable and scarce resources, taking a toll on the already damaged climatic conditions. Today, even as people are looking for and demanding safer as well as cleaner living standards, there exist several bottlenecks in its complete adoption.

To pave the way for a cleaner environment and to eliminate the hurdles that are plaguing the same, TerraGreen has launched a renewable energy platform that's powered by blockchain technology. With over two decades of experience in the space of green energy, the founding members of the project are incredibly passionate about the vision of designing a sustainable economic system that runs on renewable energy sources.

The TerraGreen project does not achieve this purpose ordinarily; like its cause, the processes and technology implementations are also out-of-the-box and extraordinary. It unites everyone involved in the process and brings them onto a common platform to supply, exchange, trade, and utilize cleaner energy resources. In doing so, it eliminates middlemen throughout the supply chain. Be it technology, supply chain, or financial aspects- TerraGreen simplifies it all.

The TerraGreen platform does not shy away from revolutionizing the standard blockchain protocol. Developing its own blockchain technology based on SHA-384, it is radically transforming online markets and programmable transactions with public blockchain shared system, centralized blockchain shared system, and private blockchain shared system. TerraGreen leverages the public blockchain for introducing a layer of transparency, private blockchain for significantly reducing costs by automating internal processes, and centralized blockchain for auditing relevant transactions.

By leveraging blockchain and cryptography, the project empowers all the stakeholders, including biomass suppliers, renewable energy technology developers, power producers and investors with higher returns and fairer tariffs. The use of these technologies standardizes the processes for all stakeholders while introducing a new layer of transparency across transactions. Both buyers and sellers save time and other resources with more efficient processes. On top of all these merits, smart contracts make the entire platform safer, faster, and more reliable.

Moving and achieving beyond a business idea and plan, TerraGreen has already begun its journey to success. Having secured numerous producers of renewable energy, the combined power generation that it has secured it over 100MWe across the ten countries of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Further, as energy crop plantations can assist in the creation of biomass which is a source of renewable energy production, TerraGreen envisions to acquire thousands of acres of land for planting Acacia Mangium, trees known for their adaptability and robustness.

The project has also identified its greatest challenges and is working relentlessly to solve the same. A significant roadblock in the production of renewable energy is storage of raw materials for processing. Instead of relying upon the industry or other players to provide solutions, TerraGreen has already acquired 2000 hectares of land in Malaysia for the above-mentioned energy crop plantation and will also be using it to supply raw materials for the sector.

With producers enjoying better and more efficient price allocation and buyers paying only for the energy that they use, the TerraGreen platform ensures that the entire ecosystem evolves with sustainable possibilities. With plans getting translated into actions, the decentralized application is all set to disrupt the renewable energy market with better equilibriums and features.

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