Vesgantti Mattress Review: Are They Any Good?
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Vesgantti Mattress Review: Are They Any Good?

Vesgantti Mattress

Vesgantti Mattress Review: Are They Any Good?

If you are suffering from back problems or simply want to enjoy a night of good sleep, a question that might arise in your mind is what kind of mattress you need to buy. Sure, there are a hundred and one high-quality mattress brands available in the market, but can you name one that offers excellent ergonomics without a price tag of around £1000?

When it comes to quality and comfort without breaking the bank, you might have heard the name of Vesgantti mattresses being passed around.

In this guide, we will find out whether there is some truth to these claims.

Are Vesgantti Mattresses High-Quality?

Many people equate quality with a high price tag, which often also means inaccessibility. This is not the case with the Vesgantti brand. These mattresses are made in the UK with high-quality materials, and their fabric is manufactured according to the OEKO-TEX standards. The best bit is that they come with a shockingly low price that seems too good to be true – but the mattress delivers!

Here’s how:

Pocket Springs

All Vesgantti mattresses have deep pocket springs that offer optimal support and ergonomic comfort to your backbone and give a bounce to the bed.

Type of Foam

The certified polyurethane foam offers maximum comfort while relieving pressure points. It also comes in memory foam that consists of multiple foam layers that mould to the person's body, giving them a floating feeling when they lay down.


Vesgantti mattresses are bouncy and firm thanks to their deep pocket springs. Typically, these mattresses have a soft-medium firmness, which reduces back aches and offers greater comfort.


Vesgantti mattresses are highly durable and elastic and regain their shape as soon as you get off the bed due to their pocket springs. The bed is also quite bouncy, and the person lying next to you may feel it bounce if you move around a lot in your sleep.

Which Vesgantti Mattress Should You Choose?

Vesgantti offers an extensive variety of mattresses, so the choice may be confusing for you. To make the decision simpler, we have conducted mattress research and have compared the features of some of the top Vesgantti mattresses for you.

Vesgantti 10.3 Inch Spring Mattress

The 10.3-inch spring mattress is equipped with individually wrapped springs, a breathable multi-layer memory foam, and a soft top for maximum comfort. It can help relieve seven pressure points in your body, reducing everyday pain and aches.

Vesgantti uses only hypoallergenic material for the health and safety of your family.

Vesgantti 9.4 Sprung Foam Mattress

If you need a firm and soft mattress, then the Vesgantti's sprung foam mattress is an excellent choice. The mattress offers a comfortable, quiet, and cool sleep and consists of springs for added support and a soft foam layer with a cushy top that reduces joint pain.

The best part is that the mattress absorbs shocks very well, resulting in low motion transfer and a restful night for both people in the bed.

Vesgantti Lavender 10 Memory Mattress

If you like a bit of bounce in your bed, then the Lavender 10 Memory mattress might be a good choice for you. This 3-zoned lavender mattress offers medium-firm support to your body, thanks to the hundreds of individually wrapped pocket springs and multiple layers of memory foam.

This is a great choice for people who like to sleep on their side or back. In addition, it gives off a soft lavender smell once it is unwrapped for a more relaxing sleep.

Vesgantti 22cm Memory Foam Mattress

This triple-layered memory foam is created for ease of use and maximum comfort and does not have any hard surfaces that interrupt the flow of the mattress. Every single point on the mattress offers superior comfort and softness.

The mattress comes with a Tencel blend fibre cover and allows ventilation, which keeps it cool all night long. The cover is made of hypoallergenic material, is safe for use, and is very easy to wash as well.

Vesgantti 10.6 Memory Sprung Mattress

The 10.6 Vesgantti Memory Sprung Mattress is one of the best mattresses that offer superior pillow top comfort. The mattress has an egg-shaped support foam and a spring base that delivers comfort, ergonomics, and support for most sleeping positions.

Featuring a jacquard cover, the mattress is super-quiet, which means you won't be disturbed at night by squeaky springs. In addition, you get a 100-day trial period to test out the new mattress fully before deciding whether it is right for you.

Should You Buy a Vesgantti Mattress?

As you can see, Vesgantti has created quite a few high-quality brands in spite of their affordable prices. If you are on a budget and want to buy a great mattress that offers amazing support, or if you are a person who just wants a pain-free and restful sleep in the night, then you can't go wrong with Vesgantti.

If you are still not convinced, why don’t you try the 100-day trial period offered with each mattress and find out for yourself whether this mattress offers good value.

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