Coming from Wyoming I have become an avid people watcher. Maybe it's the stark difference in location and upbringing, or maybe it's the fact that the population of Wyoming is around 600,000. Whatever the reason may be, I have become rather fascinated with the world around me.

On my arrival to University of Vermont, one thing caught my attention. As I walked down the red brick streets of church street. I saw a huge variety of clothes, trends, and styles. Vermont seemed to be the place where trendy outdoorsmen mesh with preppy hipsters, and come together to rejoice in their shared love for craft cider, carhart beanies, and red flannels. These trends seemed to be similar is some aspects to the fashion trends of the greater Philadelphia region, but also quite different. This was surprising to me because, thanks to my Wyoming upbringing, I assumed most people on the East would be clad in a vineyard vines button up and a Patagonia vest. It's nice to be wrong sometimes!

After bouncing around Vermont for the week, I headed to Boston. A city that I love, but don't know much about. Again, to my surprise, I found a rich Varity of styles, trends, and fashions. One that I was most interested by was the new(er) age street fashion. It was everywhere. From Moms in camo to high schoolers in denim overalls, it was there. As I took a stroll down Newbury street I got a clearer and clearer sense of many of the current trends, and since I had a full day by myself I thought I would create a little game.

Stop Shop and Go: How to have fun on your own. Obviously, I was going to need some guidelines and rules for my game. So here they are. First, the goal of the game is to create an outfit that embodies whatever area you are in. Second, the aim is not to spend an outrageous amount of money, so you can only purchase one item for each store you go into. Lastly, if you go into a store you have to purchase and item, so choose wisely.

The Game in Action:

Store one: Zara

Item purchased: white joggers

Why?: Fall means warmth, and what is more comfy and warm than jeans, joggers. Perfect for a day of leisure activity, travel, school, and easily paired with a nice pair of sneakers.

Store two: Forever 21

Item purchased: Fluffy green zip up

Why?: at this point in the game I decided to get a little creative. To spice things up I texted a group chat of friends asking them to give me a random color. I gave no reason for the color, only that I was in need of one. The color I got? Peridot green. After a quick google search to know exactly what color I was looking for I was on my way.

Store three: Brandy Melville

Item purchased: cream t-shirt and (whoops) green and navy jacket

Why?: With my white joggers and green zip up in mind I knew I wanted to have a cohesive, crisp, and fun outfit. The cream t-shirt had just enough color to add dimension to the white joggers, and the green and navy added a necessary pop of color.

Store four (the crown of the outfit): Sneaker Junkies

Item Purchased: beige and blue Adidas

Why?: To finish my outfit I was going to need my own fresh new pair of kicks. On entrance to the store, Sneaker Junkies, I was affronted with sneakers of all shapes and sizes. Knowing that I was going to want everything, I made it a goal to find something different than the norm. The task was a challenge, and though I almost fell prey to the draw of one more pair of white sneakers. I prevailed. Finding and falling in love with the shoes below.

The End:

All and all the game and adventure proved to be a success. Getting to explore and understand Boston more only grew the love I already had for the city. I also got the chance to meet and talk to other lovers of fashion which is always exciting. Fall break proved to be a successful and necessary adventure, and reminded me that exploring, learning, and meeting new people is still my favorite pass time.

Until next time,

Gwen :)