Before I even start this article I feel the need to explain myself. In no way am I trying to degrade those who have chosen to go vegan, that is a personal decision. And before anyone makes the argument, “Well Rebecca, you don’t drink dairy milk so you are such a hypocrite,” I just want to say, I wish I could drink real milk but my body does not allow me to. Heck, I wish I could drink milk straight from the tank if I could. I am simply trying to understand the thought process behind some “vegan advertisements” I have seen spread and attempting to dismantle false arguments.

Recently, on my way to a study session on campus, I kept coming across Vegan Chalk Challenge images written all over the sidewalks. Things like “I love animals, so I went vegan” and “all animals deserve love, go vegan!” were written in colorful chalk in multiple prime locations on campus. The one that really got to me though was right outside of the building I was headed to.

“Animal Agriculture is the leading cause of habitat destruction, water pollution, and species extinction. Watch Cowspiracy on Netflix”

Don't even get me started on Cowspiracy, Food Inc, etc. If you want REAL information about REAL agriculture, contact a REAL agriculturalist. STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING THE MEDIA FEEDS TO YOU! The media has an agenda and they make the world and agriculture seem scarier than it really is. This chalk drawing had so much to say and was citing a movie as its source.

If “Animal Agriculture is the leading cause of habitat destruction, water pollution, and species extinction,” please explain to me what would happen if we just magically got rid of animal agriculture? Would these cattle, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, horses, rabbits, etc. just roam free? Because in case you didn't realize it, caring for these animals is animal agriculture. I love my animals just as much as the next animal agriculturalist, so I feed, tend to, and care for my animals but at the end of the day I realize that these animals serve a purpose -- they are food. If we were to up and get rid of animal agriculture, these animals would no longer this caretaker for them 24/7. Eggs would not be fertilized and cows would grow uncomfortable and could contract infections from not being milked. Also, nonpoint sources of water pollution would still occur because getting rid of animal agriculture does not make farm animals magically stop pooping, because guess what:

So please, please tell me how this would work. Agriculturalists are constantly changing and watching their practices to assure the animals and the environment are safe. Before you attempt to argue about how horrible animal agriculture is, talk to an animal agriculturalist instead of watching a movie. End rant.