Vegan For A Week

New Year's resolutions are typically extremely cliché to me, but this year I weirdly decided to take it seriously and try something new, and act in order of who I'd wanna be as an adult! It feels weird to say this, but, I'm getting close to being on my own for real this time, and graduate hopefully with a job or idea of what I want to do.

Anyway, resolutions can be your time to think of something you've wanted to accomplish or maybe buy or even tell someone something. So, taking that advice I thought should try and make up a few of my own.

So this is really new for me, and something I typically wouldn't push myself SO hard to try, or even attempt; but I needed to honestly try and make more of a change to the environment. I chose to try a vegan diet for a week because I honestly need to help this climate change / our environmental status and if one of those ways is me cutting out, or lowering my meat consumption, then that's something I'm alright with.

So, I started with the basics (lol) Google, Forums, Pinterest etc. BUT I found the most help honestly with YouTube which was nice because some of those articles were pages long. I decided to start by looking at how much animal products I personally consume. I noticed I eat far more meat than dairy, but still, I wanted to lower that amount. There were a lot of non-dairy substitutes that I was already making, so I felt like cutting more out wouldn't be the hardest option.

So post copious amounts of beans eating later, I am deciding to continue to stick with a more vegan approach while maintaining consideration of myself and potentially indulging once in a while if I so chose. But, as time goes on who knows how I'll personally feel, or how I'll adapt to the lifestyle!

Overall, make a resolution you feel like will challenge you! Maybe if its even for a week, a month or whatever time you may so choose, do something new! It's pretty fun to go out of your comfort zone and makes you feel cool (lol).

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