Vegan Chef On Cutthroat Kitchen? What?

ACTUALLY, she proved it to be very easy to win Cutthroat Kitchen without cutting/milking our beautiful creatures on this earth!

Before I start, I just want to let everyone know the terminology of what a plant-based (also known as Vegan) lifestyle specifies. No meat, no dairy, no eggs and no animal byproducts are used in any of the food that the individual eats and makes. So, while others are pouring in cup after cup of half and half to a number of recipes, this chef is using coconut milk and a number of spices to create the same distinct flavor but without any health or ethical problems chained along. Although some perceive this to be a hard way to cook, it is actually quite easy but does require a ton of creativity.

Anyways, while eating dinner I usually plop down right in front of my television and turn on Cut Throat Kitchen for some more dinner inspirations for the next night. To my pleasant surprise, tonight’s episode had a Vegan chef by the name of Kristina Addington who brought delicious and eye-opening dishes every single round. Within seconds, all the other chefs began taunting her and assuming that all her dishes were going to be lacking flavor and impossible to make/render from traditional recipes; she took all the criticism with a smile and pursued through the first, second, and final round. Being tossed traditional recipes throughout the 30-minute program, she handled them with joyful vegan ease. From skillfully transferring pickled ginger (often found in sushi dinners) into a vegan ginger snap cookie to emulsifying corn with coconut milk/spices to make a Vegan Southern Clam Chowder, she still happened to amaze the judge and walk away with the victory and $18,500! With tears still in her eyes she accepts the money and jumps around after the tremendous hard work she just put into the last couple of hours of competition.

After crying with her through her victory, I wiped my face of tears and snot to the recollection that she was the first Vegan chef I have seen on Food Network. I usually watch these shows and see all the traditional recipes that I can change up to make Vegan, but with her I could write everything down in my memory for a quick dinner idea. Oh, did I also mention that she never once told the judge that her meals were plant-based but rather a heathier option? Just astounded at how proud she made me as a fellow Vegan and how much awareness she brought to the vegan community by keeping up with the competition and coming out on top! I’m sure she inspired plenty of hearts out there and I hope Food Network as well to have more competitions that encompass Vegan/Vegetarian friendly chefs.

All in all, Kristina, you did exactly what you set out to do, spread awareness to the individuals watching the show that night and showing them you can eat healthy and yummy!! You go girl!

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