Millenials are highly criticized in everything we do but there is one thing we do right that cannot be judged—we hate smoking.

Cigarettes produce a feeling of disgust amongst many teenagers in this generation, unlike the "cool" connotation of it that was very popular a couple decades back.

Students now degrade smoking and that "smoker's corner" at your school has likely grown less and less populated over the years. It's just not cool to smoke anymore.

When asked about the view of smoking, a teenager would answer that it's too addictive and messes up your lungs.

This, of course, is true. Cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths in America every year, adding up to nearly one in five deaths. However, is that enough to bring teenagers away from smoking altogether?

Of course it isn't. High school and college students still smoke all the time. The real question is what they smoke.

Vaping is a newer trend in the behaviors of millennials, a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco. Many health issues from actual smoking is solved with this method, though not all.

One of the worst problems with smoking is how addictive it is, and this problem resurfaces in vaping.

The use of nicotine in vapes is popular and many teenagers get addicted to vaping because of the nicotine dosage they inhale.

Students are generally unaware that vaping is not a 100% certified safe alternative to smoking. There are still many health problems.

Your lungs are supposed to inhale clean air and vaping causes your lungs to fill up with chemicals that it wouldn't be introduced to otherwise. Teenagers assume that vaping has no physical harms and do it anyway, mistakenly judging it.

If you do not already vape, then don't start. People easily get addicted to it every day. Of course, they will deny the addiction to your face every day but you can see them on your Snapchat story vaping it up every Saturday night.

We should probably acknowledge that many teenagers disregard health concerns so that is not enough to stop them. If they did care, they would not drink alcohol, which we all know they do.

Alcohol causes about 88,000 deaths in America annually, the third leading cause of death. That would never be a good enough reason to stop drinking every weekend to teenagers. They have to feel accomplished and "rebel."

So millenials can keep running around the neighborhood and doing sports to keep their bodies in shape on the outside, but it doesn't matter because the inside is falling apart.

High school and college kids are much more interested in aesthetics than what actually matters so that isn't surprising.

And smoking weed? That's a whole other topic.