I'm that girl who's always single on Valentine's Day, and it used to make me really upset. I hated seeing my friends with boyfriends going out with them to a fancy restaurant and getting all these cute gifts, while I sat in my bed wondering what to eat for my third snack of the hour. I've now become perfectly content being single because I've found my group of friends who support me better than many guys ever have.

There are plenty of things single people can do on Valentine's Day, and it's about time couples aren't the only ones having fun.

1. Buy yourself something that makes you happy (it's ok to splurge)

2. Do cute face masks and have a movie night with your squad

3. Own your singledom and love the independent person you are

4. Dress up and take a BOMB Insta pic

5. Write poems for your best friends and tell them what you love about them

6. Compliment a random person, because I know it makes me feel amazing when I get a compliment on my outfit from a random girl on the way to class

7. If you're 21, go out to a bar and let loose (so what if it's a school night)

8. Buy yourself a personal sized cake because cake is amazing

9. Go out with your squad to your favorite restaurant (AKA Olive Garden for my girls and me)

10. Make a list of things you love about yourself, seal it in an envelope, and open it on Valentine's Day next year as an uplifting gift for yourself

11. DON'T sit there and mock couples doing cute couple things (although I'm that person half the time so who am I to say that... but still... play nice on this year)

12. Watch The Bachelor and thank yourself for not being that level of desperate (sorry not sorry)

13. Delete your dating app(s) for the day

14. Thank your ex's for making you who you are now and let go of all your animosity towards them

I hope you make Valentine's Day of 2019 the best one you've ever had my single ladies and gentlemen because you deserve to spoil yourself and don't need a man or woman to do it for you!