With Valentine's Day coming up half of our generation will be putting together last minute dinner reservations and others will be buying pints of ice cream and sappy romance movies. Regardless of your plans, I'm sure reading this article will be on your list of things to do.

You may be asking, "where in tarnation did Valentine's Day originate?" Well, lucky you're here! Valentine's Day originated from Saint Valentine. A few different legends have been adopted as to who Saint Valentine could be, one of which being a priest. He served through the third century in Rome when Emperor Claudius ll believed that single men made better soldiers. Due to this, he outlawed married for young men while Valentine continued to perform illegal marriages for those in secret.

Whether you're passionate about love like Saint Valentine, or would rather stay in bed all day like a hermit, we can all admit to having an odd or unsatisfying Valentine's Day. So now, let's acknowledge some of the biggest Valentine's Day fails of all time, with the help of some friends and my incredibly awkward life. I hope you enjoy the biggest fails of Valentine's Day!

1. Find out your significant other is a cheater.

I can vouch for this being a terrible Valentine's Day as I'm sure many others can agree. The way to get through this one is to bring it up after Valentine's Day. If they want to buy you that outfit you've had your eye on for awhile, or take you to that concert you planned on. Let them! Or, take the tickets long with someone else. You snooze you lose right?

2. Receiving the awkward gifts.

I've received my fair share of creepy gifts in the mail. Guys, don't name a star after a girl you barely know or buy her a blanket with the two of you on it. Girls, don't hand make a macaroni art of the two of you, or an endless collage to hang up. They may act polite, thanking you and hugging you, but no. They don't want it. They don't even like it. Food is key.

3. Bad news on a loving day.

Whether you heard your significant other had cheated on you or you didn't get into the program you were hoping for. There may never be a good time to hear bad news, especially on a day filled with excitement and happiness.

4. Having someone steal your ideas.

I refuse to share Valentine's Day ideas with others, for the sole purpose that people have stolen them and used them on the same people I was going to. Having someone steal your idea can be exhausting and frustrating, but at least you know you're that much clever. Own your ideas or keep them hidden away! Either way, you'll be giving them chocolate or flowers on Valentine's Day.

5. Eating 5 pints of ice cream.

You may be like me and choosing to stuff your face with your friends. Hey, sometimes a Valentine's Day with your friends is exactly what the doctor ordered. So, eat that large pizza, watch the new 50 Shades Darker, and remember to binge on ice cream every chance you get. One day won't kill the diet you've got going on.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!