10 Valentine's Day Date Ideas That Are Sweeter Than Any Box Of Chocolates

Every year I write a plethora of Valentine's Day-themed articles as a single! However, this year although my relationship status has changed, these articles won't. As I continue my journey as a struggling romantic I still do not crave the "timeless" fancy dinner, box of chocolates and flowers. I have still remained very eccentric and love interactive and unique date ideas, which I have more recently been asked for advice on and have turned my Instagram into a hub of date ideas so expect tons more coming from yours truly!

1. Sports Bar

Hey at least there won't be any lines! But seriously my man would so appreciate a beer and the game, it's his day too!

2. Museum

Okay I can't stress this enough this is a great idea and its Pop-Up exhibit season!

3. Rock Climbing

My boyfriend doesn't want to do this so can I live vicariously through all of you?

4. Snowboarding

Little weekend away, anyone?

5. Brunch

YKTV!!! It's me we're talking about here, I'll literally be at Laduree tomorrow!

6. Skybridge

I'll be at the one on Staple Street taking photos tomorrow!

7. Concert

I really want to go to one. My last concert was probably seeing Logic.

8. Karaoke

Serenade me baby!

9. Bike Ride

Citi bikes are my literal dream and I want to ride one so bad.

10. Aquarium

Guess where I'll be this Valentine's Day? Relax I know there are plenty of fish in the sea but I love my clownfish too much.

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