Vacations are a rejuvenation of the soul. Vacations are the apple to the pie. Vacations are the relaxation of the mind. Vacations are a blessing.

Whether it is a weekend getaway or a month studying abroad, vacationing is a must in your lifetime. Seeing new things and new people gives you a different outlook on life. Learning about different cultures, cities, and ways of life is important for knowledge growth throughout your life.

Weekend getaways can be used to visit an old friend, family member, or take a short road trip. They allow travelers to get away in a short period of time. The trips usually are within driving distance in less than a day. Many times, weekend getaways are popular for holiday weekends.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for challenging yourself to adapt and live in a different country that is completely different than the U.S. Students have the opportunity to gain knowledge from hands-on experience all across the world.

Leisurely taking a winter or spring break trip every year is a goal of mine for the future. Growing up, we went on spring break trips every single year. We included many small trips throughout the school year as well. Vacationing with my family each year created a tradition and a real sense of family-bonding we have developed since we were young.

Sometimes vacations are a gift or reward. Many people reward themselves or others by booking a vacation away. Very few people can stay in the same place for their entire life. Vacationing saves lives!

Now that I've given you every type of vacation, let me just tell you the effects on a human after a vacation.

After a vacation, I am smiling ear to ear. I am refreshed by the time I got to spend away from my daily routine. I am enlightened by the knowledge I gained from the city/country I was in. I am determined to vacation every single year.

My mind feels at ease because of the relaxation I have had on vacation. I am eager to get back to my daily routines as vacation comes to an end.

There is no better feeling than the first night sleeping in your bed at home after a long, well-spent vacation.

I truly do believe no matter what destination you choose, traveling throughout your life is a must!

Where should I book my next trip?