11 Thoughts UTK Students Have At Vol Football Games
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11 Thoughts UTK Students Have At Vol Football Games

Trying to look for Smokey and wipe the sweat off your face at the same time.

11 Thoughts UTK Students Have At Vol Football Games

It's almost that time again where on Saturdays all of VolNation is there, everyone is wearing their best-colored orange and are decked out in UT gear. Your jersey has been hanging in your closet since the end of last football season and now you can't wait to wear it again. You're ready to fight the heat of Tennessee in August/ September and the pain of standing the whole game. The games are a lot of fun, so here are some thoughts you might think during them.

1. I missed football season so much!

It's back to school and back to football so it's definitely football time in Tennessee!

2. Ok, but it's really hot now.

Mid-August in Tennessee is probably not the best time to wear heavy jeans and try to force yourself to wear your hair down. If you do just try to remember to have a ponytail on your wrist.

3. I need to find Smokey.

If we're all being honest here the real reason some might come to UT football games is only to see Smokey run across the field.

4. I really want to get something to eat, but don't want to lose my spot.

You're debating if you should lose the good spot you have and travel through a sea of people, just to wait in line forever to go get one of those lemonade ice things.

5. Alright when's half-time my feet hurt.

You'll give your all to Tennessee today, but when your feet start hurting from standing you might have to sit this one out.

6. Wow I didn't know there were so many coaches in the stands!

I guess some people just think they know better than the actual football coach, so they're basically screaming into your ear what the players should be doing.

7. Hope we score soon so I can sing Rocky Top.

The song will get stuck in your head, but you can't help sing it at the top of you lungs every time the band starts to play it.

8. Oh gosh please don't fall please don't fall (you talking to the cheerleaders).

They know what they're doing and have been doing this for years, but the worrier in you still silently prays no one will fall off someone's shoulders during the game.

9. I need to try to save all my water till the end of the game.

Once again you don't really feel like losing your seat and walking to a concession stand, but you're also dying of thirst so you're trying to save all the water you have for the entire game.

10. Can't wait to get into some AC.

Sweat is dripping down your face and back, so you really can't wait till your back at home with your AC blasting on you.

11. Hope next weeks game isn't a noon game.

The game you're at right now is coming to an end and you're already praying that next week's game isn't at noon. I think we could all agree no one is a true fan of noon games.

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