Unless you live under a rock, you know that the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team just won the 2019 Fifa World Cup against the Netherlands. They excelled at every game and showed the world who's boss, doing so in nothing less than badass fashion. These girls are by far the coolest and most loved women in America right now. Let's be real, we're all excited for them and even wish we could be them. They're living their best lives and accomplished amazing things with possible political and nonpolitical meanings behind them. Boy did Rapinoe prove Trump wrong. Moreover, these girls played their hearts out and showed the world that they're a force to be reckoned with.

Here are 10 times they proved to be the most badass girls in America:

1. Winning 13-0 in their first game. 

Although this is highly controversial and maybe was not the most polite, they showed they were not messing around. Goal, after goal, showing they were unstoppable, Morgan was finally able to redeem herself by scoring multiple goals in this game. It was almost like a warning sign for all the other teams not to mess with them.

2. Morgan's tea time. 

Again, another highly controversial and maybe offensive pose, Morgan is pictured pretending to sip tea after winning against England and heading into the finals. The fact that she did that pose was savage and badass as she fully knew it would stir everyone up. She did not hold back from any celebrations.

3. Rapinoe's three trophies.

Trump said don't come to the White House until you win, so Rapinoe said "Bet." She won three trophies in the tournament and ultimately was the best player. She didn't need anyone's approval and just went out and did her best on the field.

4. Rapinoe's hair. 

You can't tell me the purple hair doesn't make her 10 times cooler and more badass than she already is.

5. Embracing their sexuality.

After the final win, multiple pictures were posted of the players kissing their significant others. Multiple players were seen with their girlfriends and are now feeling more accepted to be open about it. They don't care what anyone else has to say. All that matters is that they won against the world, and they get to share it with who they love.

6. The celebrations. 

The women's team being intoxicated may have been comical to watch, but between the pictures with the trophies and their songs of celebration, nothing has been so badass and cool. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was dying to be in that locker room with them as they baster "We Are The Champions."

7. Their new t-shirts.

Travel as a team, dress like a team. All the girls now have shirts that they're selling that say "USA beat everyone." Nothing is cooler than a shirt that is actually the most accurate thing ever. Plus, wearing it as a group like that as they drunkenly stroll of a plane makes it even better.