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    Being a published author has always been my truest passion. I've been a writer for as long as I could remember and there was never a time where my nose hasn't been in a book. Growing up, I wasn't the kid who cried because my parents wouldn't take me to Toys R Us but because they wouldn't take me to Barnes and Nobles. Dozens of journals are scattered around my room, squeezed into bookshelves and hidden in my closet. Writing has always been my go to, and my way of getting out all of the chaos that sometimes gets mixed up inside of me. After years and years of keeping what I've written to myself, I finally believe that it is time for my voice to be heard. I think I'm finally ready for everyone else to see what I have to say because at times, I've needed someone to give me the same words of encouragement, even if just to say "you're not the only one".

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