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    Why did you choose Leeds as your study abroad location? The UK has a world-renowned reputation for the quality of its education system. Hence, it is a hub for students from all over the world to travel to and study. This would allow me to get the best-possible cultural immersion, as I would benefit from the UK’s ties with Europe, and the cultural influence from the thousands of foreign students who have made the UK their home. I chose Leeds in particular, because it had an affordable cost of living, and it had a highly regarded business school. Leeds is a very relaxed place with a carefree culture, which I enjoyed and appreciated once I had arrived. What was the best/most memorable part of your exchange? Travelling was the most memorable part of my exchange. Sarah Smith 4Every weekend, my friends and I would take a day trip to a city in the UK. We visited 12 cities in total. During the Christmas break, we also visited Amsterdam, Tenerife, and Edinburgh. It wasn’t the places themselves that were memorable, but the time we spent with each other was something I’ll never forge

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