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    I am a tech-loving individual that is always on the look-out for new and exciting products.

    I keep testing out various gadgets for my iPhone, Macbook and iPad to see whether they are suitable for me and my family. There is almost nothing I didn't test yet. Most products weren't worth the money, while very few really helped me out. Of course prices matter for me but since my two kids are always eager to grab my stuff, protection is a must for me - no matter how much it costs.

    So when it comes to protection I have to admit that I probably spent money well into the 4-digits. From cases, over bumpers, to skins and protective glasses. There is nothing that I don't have lying around in my office right now. A few of those products came in quite handy. Most of them looked good. But just very few of them really held out the tests that my kids put them through. With that being said, I have to admit - with tears in my eyes - that quite a few iPhones broke. I even had to replace the Samsung Galaxy of my wife.

    Well, my current setup has been surviving for 43 days now. As far as the Skin I use, it isn't the first one but by far the best iPhone Skin I have used in the past two years. I customized it with my initials in 3D, which was more exciting than the same old carbon fibre skin everyone else uses. It was made by Ultimate Skins and came with free shipping (which is a must for me, as an amazon prime user).

    As far as the case, I use a flexible case by Spigen, which probably most of you know. This one came with free shipping as well - amazon, yey! For the first time I ordered one of the clear cases so I can showcase the iPhone Skin.

    Regarding my Macbook I am still trying to find something suitable. I would like to have a skin for the macbook as well but I haven't found a company that creates clear skins since I don't want a colored one.

    My iPad has a flip case from a brand that I don't even remember.

    So yes, as you can see: gadgets are my life.

    If any of you need a Skin, check out since I would really like to keep them alive - they are from Germany and not a shady asian company where you don't get anything. :-) Keep the support up for your local stores - or as we say in Germany: Support ist kein Mord (Support isn't murder).

    Thanks for checking out my Profile, odyssey!

    Oh and if you need any more information, I found these 10 reasons from their website that convinced me. As I said, I did not create these, they did!


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