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    When I'm not studying or training with the Gamma Phi Circus, I'm probably eating, teaching yoga, or writing.

    I write on my insta-blog (@doyourraindance) about conscious living, intuitive eating, and mindful movement. If you check it out, you'll notice I'm a yogi, on and off the mat. An intersectional feminist. Self love enthusiast. Mental health advocate, plant eater, tree hugger, anti-dieter, holistic health & wellness warrior (and the list goes on)!

    My life is guided by three things: self love, people love & planet love.

    And yoga is my biggest tool. Whether it's for self healing, self growth, justice or equality-- through yoga we find awareness, we understand oneness, we feel unity. We realize that everything we need is already inside of us. The rest just kind of falls into place.

    So why do I write? I write to take the things I'm experiencing and learning and offer them to others. I write to be part of a community of other readers and writers ready to listen, share, discuss, and grow.

    Sending light and love to everyone reading! xoxo Radiance

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