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    Term Paper on Immigration



    Tips to write term papers on immigration

    As tackling the illegal immigration has been the major concern for the US federal government and most of the states, it is essential that students prepare a well-documented term paper on immigration. The paper should, accordingly, highlight the causes of immigration as well as the efforts of various state governments to meet this challenge.


    However, the following issues, from the "pay to write paper" company, should be discussed by the students at length, while preparing their papers on issues like immigration.


    Causes of immigration

    As most of the immigrant population arrives from the neighboring countries of central and Latin America, like Mexico; students should throw light on the living conditions of general masses in these countries. In addition, the prevailing policies of these governments should be discussed in relation to the opportunities which United States of America can offer to the work force migrating from such nations. The conditions prevailing at the other side of the border compel the people to cross over, although that might involve risking their lives in most of the cases. Students can give example of illegal human trafficking which is related to such illegal activities like crossing the borders without valid visa and documents.


    Defining illegal immigrants

    It is essential that students throw light on the definition of illegal immigrants, as they write their term papers on immigration. While people crossing over the borders illegally and without valid documents are called illegal immigrants, the bulk of them would be those who have entered the country on valid visa, such as temporary work  permit (H1-B), students visa (J-1) and other such types. However, these may not be counted in the category of illegal immigrants, at the time of their entry into the United States, but when they overstay in the country they are treated as illegal immigrants, although such immigrants might possess valid passports of their respective countries. Nevertheless, this would not be the fate of those people who have been illegally smuggled into the country by organized illegal trafficking gangs who might have taken their passports as well, leaving them without any valid identity proof.


    Analyzing legislation to combat illegal immigration

    As the issue of immigration and the laws related to its control is diverse and complex, students must address in their term paper on immigration, the concerns of federal and state governments in this regard. The constitution of United States being based on the liberty and equality for all human beings, most of the times, there is an endless debate on what could be called humane action, while dealing with the problem of illegal immigrants. For example, the recent legislation passed by the state of Arizona, proposing strict and tough measures against illegal immigrants, has met with opposing remarks from President Barrack Obama, who has opined that they should be given a chance to pay taxes and other duties. However, if that is done, then it would mean granting some sort of legal states to these illegal immigrants.


    In any case, students can depend on the "writing help" website, for getting customized papers on varied topics, including term papers on immigration.

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