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    Hi all! You can call me Lydia (because that's my name). I'm twenty-four and a journalism major at Kent State. But wait? Why am I still working for my bachelor's degree when most of my friends graduated two years ago? Well folks- that's what happens when you take a break from school, transfer to another school, then end up right back where you started. But I have learned that life is not a race & my path is completely different than another human's, and it's totally cool.

    Thanks to the time I took being away from school and switching universities, I was able to gain a lot of life experience (both good and bad). Of course, I am excited to graduate- but I'm in no rush to be sent into the "big girl" world of jobs.

    I have an immense passion for writing. Along with that, I am an avid runner and professional thrift shopper.

    I want to be able to write articles that people can relate to, because everyone wants to know they're not the only one who feels or thinks a certain way.

    I plan to make a career out of my writing- (Keep my name in mind, people)! just kidding. But not really. I am beyond happy to have claimed a spot within "The Odyssey" and I cannot wait for readers to read my words and hopefully feel a connection to whatever I may be talking about.

    Basically all you need to know about me is that I want people to REALLY enjoy my writing. Oh, and also, I hate cottage cheese.

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