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    A Sales Enabler by day, and a Blogger by night, Jacqueline Luciano is the founder of UNRAVELED - a space catered to undergraduate students and young professionals trying to figure out and navigate life after college. Having been in the professional world for over three years, she's learned there is much more to figure out in life that goes beyond sitting in a classroom. There are things you need to assess about you, your skill-set, your interests, and ultimately what you want for your career to make you feel most successful about what your work. These self-revelations are what led to the birth of UNRAVELED. Her foremost objective is to provide undergraduates and young professionals with resources that will make them more successful and better prepared for the real world. She hopes to provide readers with alternative perspectives that challenge conventional views of the workforce, on what college offers, and what students should consider about their lives after college. For more information, visit UNRAVELED at https://sheUNRAVELED.com

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