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    About I am Julia, Healthcare expert and Spinal Surgeon at Back Pain Chairs Lab, Chicago, IL, USA. Recently I publish a post on BBC London with the title of: Tips To Avoid Lumbago When Working From Home Has the work at the home policy to reduce the possibility of coronavirus transmission while traveling and at work been working for a few days or did your office do it? Is it effective and does it find the right place to continue working productively? Not everyone has a home office, bedroom, or home corner intentionally designed to work. Honestly, most of you may be using the dining room table. A large table can be used at the same time with children who are learning at home. Or on the living room sofa? Unfortunately, the chairs and tables in most homes are less ergonomic. Working too long in the wrong position can lead to health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain. What you feel immediately after a few days usually turns into pain quickly. It is important to create an ergonomic work area to avoid long-term injury. You can invest in height-adjustable chairs and tables, laptop desks, etc. Oh yes, also the right light so your eyes don't get upset quickly. But if none of this can be discussed now, you can use the following tips: 1) Whenever possible, use Serta big and tall office chair that follows the curvature of the spine and can be adjusted in height. But if you don't have it, use a pillow on the back of the chair to support your back. 2) Place stools underneath to support your feet. The hanging foot position can cause pain and tingling. 3) Most dining tables are too high, you can put a pillow on the seat support if necessary. 4) If the desk is too low, lift the laptop monitor with a book or sturdy case, so that your eyes are comfortable looking at the monitor screen 5) The ideal distance between the monitor and the eyes is approximately the length of your arm with your fingers touching the screen. Ideally, you will use a PC whose monitor is separate from the keyboard and mouse, so that you can easily adjust your distance. 6) Adjust the position so that the light does not fall and does not rebound on the computer screen. If you are using a desk lamp, adjust the light so that it falls on the keyboard. If your job requires you to read or write a document, put it on your left. But if you are left-handed, put the light on your right. Ergonomic position when working with a computer, one of which is the top of the screen parallel or slightly below the line of the eyes. Good posture in front of the computer is when the shoulders are relaxed, the elbows bent about 90 degrees.

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