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    Graduated from UIC I've decided to dedicate my career to social activism and growing awareness about conscious consumerism and - my favorite - slow fashion (if you don't know what slow fashion is then check out one of the best articles on slow fashion I've found so far).

    So why I love slow fashion? I love ethical and sustainable design, and I love fashion. So why can't we have fashion that's ethically-made, original and still affordable?

    Why, it seems, like we only have a choice between fast fashion junk and sustainable fashion that's more expensive?

    I mean there are some companies and designers that try to focus on making fashion that's well-made, sustainable, exciting, and still affordable, but there are not many yet. For example, where the above mentioned article comes from, is one of them but they only focus on European slow fashion and I hope we can have more companies like that in more places.

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