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Ryan-Oneil Lloyd Richards

Ryan-Oneil Lloyd Richards

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Joined in August 2017

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    I am in a mentoring group for young males in high school called S.W.A.G.G.(Sophisticated Well Articulated Gentlemen's Group). The goal of this group is to discipline, mentor, and be a brother to young males in high school and build a bond that some males can't find in their personal lives. With these bonds we intend to better our community and spread out and make a difference.

    Why do you want to create content for Odyssey?

    I feel that being someone that wants to become a sports journalists I need to get a head start since the field that I am going into is competitive. Of course speaking my mind on certain topics is something I like to do and I am a talker that feels putting his words on paper always was my hidden talent.

    What kinds of stories aren't being told that you want to tell?

    I feel that all types of stories are being told you just have to find it. In my opinion it's more about how the story is being told.

    What is new or unique about these stories?

    The stories I want to tell are typical stories told by a young African American male in college who observes what is going on around him in his life and the sports world. My stories are unique because I feel I have been trusted into the real world at a young age only being 17 already completed my first year of college. I feel my perspective is different.

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