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    Advantages of friction (or desirable effects of friction)

    I. Locomotion: when we walk, friction between our shoes and the ground prevents our shoes from slipping backward.

    II. Blending: friction between the grinding stones helps in grinding pepper, tomatoes, this is also true of the friction between the two rough discs of the grinding machine.

    III. Stops motion: friction between the car tyre and the road helps to stop the motion of a moving car when the brake is applied.

    IV. Production of electric charge: when certain materials are robbed against each other, static electric charges is produced. This principle is applied in the Van de Graff generator.

    V. Ladder: when a ladder to be used to climb over a wall rest on the wall, friction between the foot of the ladder and floor prevent the foot of the ladder from slipping.

    VI. Making of fire: matches sticks are ignited when they are robbed against the side of the matches' box. Fire can also be made by striking two stones together.

    Disadvantages of friction (or undesirable effects of friction)

    - Wearing: The thread pattern under your footwear soon wear out after a prolong use due to friction. This is also true of the thread on the tyre of cars and other automobile.

    - Tearing/cutting: You can easily cut a piece of rope or cloth by robbing it repeatedly against the edge of the wall.

    - Reduces efficiency of machines: all machines have efficiency less than 100% due to friction between their moving parts. Friction causes waste of useful energy, therefore it reduces the output of the machine.

    - Generation of undesirable heat and noise: moving machine parts/machine itself soon becomes hot due friction and this may necessitate cooling of machine parts.

    Friction: Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

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