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    How to make good use of your high-pressure cleaner 

    Have you recently purchased a home use pressure cleaner and need some help with it? Let us walk you through a short guide in this article on how to operate your cleaner correctly, how to maintain its quality and some handy accessories guides that you might want to know.  

    First, we need a water supply!

    Connect the best rated pressure washer to the water supply using a garden hose and any connection parts if needed. How you should do this differs per brand, so read the manual on this. 

    Second, the water temperature!

    Do you want to remove grease and oil from the surface? Then it’s best to use warm or hot water. Ordinary high-pressure cleaners do not heat the water themselves; you need special hot water cleaners for this. A high-quality pressure washer will have this as an extra function that you might have to pay a bit more on. 

    Use the special all-purpose cleaner!

    If you want to clean your garden furniture, vehicle, or any water-resistant surfaces, it’s best to make use of a special all-purpose cleaner. You pour this in a specially made reservoir and make use of it to efficiently perform your cleaning task. 

    Always use the all-purpose cleaner made for a high-pressure washer; but you can search for Best Pressure Washer Reviews not all types are suitable.

    Utilize different accessories to match your cleaning task! 

    Standard spray gun

    With the standard spray gun, you can control the water jet and, thus, the power of the high-pressure sprayer. A wide water jet has a large cleaning surface; thus, you get your job done earlier, but the water pressure is lower. In short: the more concentrated you make the jet, the higher the water pressure will be, and thus higher cleaning power.

    Dirt blaster

    If you mount a dirt blaster on your high-pressure cleaner, instead of a stand spray head, you will be spraying a. thin, rapidly rotating jet of water with great force over the surface. The dirt blaster increases the cleaning surface and allows you to clean extra vigorously. 

    However, don’t use this while cleaning a car or a bicycle because it can damage the paint. 

    Gutter and drain set

    With a gutter and drain set, you can clean clogged gutters and drainage pipes. The rear-facing high-pressure nozzles push a hose through the gutter or drain. This hose removes the blockage by moving the debris to the end of the drain. Very useful and environmentally friendly because you are not using toxic chemicals.

    Patio cleaner

    A patio cleaner distributes the water pressure over a rotating spray arm. The patio cleaner has a hood so that the dirt and water do not spray in all directions. The pressure of the water is also distributed evenly more with this accessory. This way, you can easily clean your entire patio in just a blink! 

    If you know these basics when using a pressure cleaner, your job will be done in no time and with ease! We hope you will be applying these tips to your new top rated pressure washers! Don't forget to give us a like if you foun

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