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Carli Domingos

At Butler University

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    You can find me at platform 9 3/4

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    Hi everyone! My name is Carli Domingos, and I am a First Year student at Butler University! I am a Marketing major, hoping to make it out there in the business world! When I am not writing on my blog, or for the Odyssey; I can be found listening to the John Mayer or the Grateful Dead on repeat, eating chips and salsa, and binge watching The Office. I love dogs (who doesn't?), and chai tea lattes. I have spent the last year of my life learning the entire soundtrack of Hamilton. If you like Chicago, we can be friends. I hope you enjoy my articles as much as I enjoy writing them!

Personal Information

  • First Name Carlina
  • Last Name Domingos
  • Gender Female

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