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    Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example

    Rhetorical analysis essays are typical papers where students cover the actual problems. In particular, “Do Schools Kill Creativity” by Ken Robinson on Ted Talk touches the theme of modern education and its consequences for students. The reasons why schools kill creativity are connected to the low incomes of teachers and other educational staff. In this case, the author of the speech explains the audience about the problem of education by using rhetorical devices, such as ethos, pathos, and logos.

    In his speech, Robinson’s position is that modern education kills the creative skills of students. For instance, students learn many theories, but they do not shape their creativity. Also, even if learners try to implement creative ideas, they face many restrictions in their actions. Hence, schools do not provide a positive background for developing creative thinking, as it is discussed in this rhetorical analysis essay example.

    The speaker starts his speech from a point when he mentions an example of a student, Gillian, who cannot focus being in a class by considering the use of pathos. Moreover, her parents thought that she had ADHD while she required special treatment. In turn, doctors told her mother that her daughter is a normal person. As a result, Gillian became a popular dancer with creative movements. Hence, the author of the Ted Talk speech referred to the emotions of the audience to provide his position.

    In the case of ethos, the speaker explains to the audience that schools can promote creativity through the changes in the education system. Robinson is sure that students have the potential to find their own path in society. All of the people have their talents, but schools kill it due to the traditions and restrictions in education. Therefore, modern education can help students to shape their talents, but it must be in another form.

    Moreover, Robinson mentions that the modern education system causes a negative influence on the development of the students. For instance, people cannot find a job after getting a higher degree since their skills are not enough to be ambitious on the market. In this case, they cannot choose their paths because of educations, losing many opportunities in their lives. Thus, these logical arguments help the audience to realize that education does not make the lives of students safer.

    After the Ted Talk rhetorical analysis of Robinson’s speech, it is clear that education cannot help to live a quality life. Firstly, the speaker uses ethos to touch the emotions of the audience to start his argument. Then, he explains that the modern form of education does not allow students to develop their talents. Finally, from a logical point of view, Robinson provides a real example of the job market where many students cannot find their path. Thus, the use of ethos, pathos, and logos helped Robinson to share his argument with the audience, convincing them that his point is right.

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