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    First of all, it is important to answer the question, what is Assignment Writing? And for this, the characteristics of Assignment Writing must be taken into consideration, as well as the cognitive, cultural and historical-social factors of the subject who writes. It is also necessary to take into account that the issuance and reception of the written message are not concurrent, which in a certain way obliges both the writer and the recipient to imagine the interlocutor; it is, then, an absence communication. This is what Castelló (2007) points out, since both the issuer and the reader are part of the same academic community, in which the latter is the one who judges and evaluates the issuer. Castelló emphasizes the relevance of the context and purpose of the speech at the time of Assignment Writing; For this author, a good written communication is one in which the writer is able to put himself in the place of the recipient (that is, he takes into account their context) and considers the purpose of the speech.

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