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    Blackjack in literature



    Blackjack appears in many of our favourite examples of pop culture, including music, films and, indeed, literature. Representing a multitude of themes throughout literature, Blackjack can add tension to a pivotal scene, or show a character’s determination.


    Blackjack in literature is a great way to extend your enjoyment of the game – if after a couple rounds of live casino games on Karamba, you find yourself still craving more, then why not settle down with a good book that features this classic game? 


    Read on to find out more about our top picks.


    Title: Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T Students Who Took Vegas for Millions 


    Author: Ben Mezrich


    Published: 2002


    About: In this exciting novel, Mezrich allows the reader to follow an exclusive Blackjack club as they come up with a way to increase their chances of winning. Their main method is card-counting – which involves using a mental system that can help a player to predict which cards are about to be dealt, therefore influencing their next move. This practice is frowned upon across all casinos, although it isn’t technically cheating, unless you’re using an external device to count. 


    The novel is based on the true story of said team, and documents the highs and lows of the M.I.T students’ efforts, with a little bit of artistic license. There’s also a film version to look out for, if you prefer to see all of the action play out before you. 


    Title: Repeat Until Rich: A Professional Card Counter’s Chronicle of the Blackjack Wars


    Author: Josh Axelrad


    Published: 2010


    About: Along the same lines as our previous suggestion, this novel is more on the side of biographical as it documents Axelrad’s transition from Wall Street nobody, to a professional Blackjack tycoon. The book included details about the author’s strategies and close-calls, including the times where casinos didn’t appreciate his card-counting tendencies and he found himself being thrown out of the gaming rooms. 


    When reading this novel, you might find yourself inspired to try and outsmart the Blackjack tables yourself. However, playing this way can soon turn nasty, so we suggest learning from Axelrad’s mistakes, instead of trying to follow in his footsteps. 


    Title: Exposing the Myths of Blackjack: A Unique Approach to Blackjack


    Author: Larry W. Ost


    Published: 2017


    About: Moving away from fiction, when it comes to the classic casino game of Blackjack, there are a whole host of different guides out there that promise to teach you their winnings ways. Whilst nothing is ever guaranteed, reading up on the game can help to settle your nerves, or give you a gaming strategy to start you off on the right track. 


    Ost’s book is a great choice as it outlines all of the easy-to-believe myths and legends that surround the game, as well as giving tips for beginners and experts alike. This guide covers all angles of the game, giving you a little bit of insight that you’d otherwise have to gather on your own, through trial and error. 




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