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    How Has PDF Software Changed Over The Years?


    The Portable Document File (PDF), is still a popular file type among marketing and creative teams. The PDF was not intended to be editable. The PDF was meant to be an on-screen version of a hardcopy printout. It preserved color accuracy and formatting and allowed teams to inspect assets before printing. Reviewers were naturally eager to correct typos and suggest color enhancements. They also wanted to leave comments on the PDFs. Today, PDF editors and annotation tools allow you to do exactly that and much more such as compress video etc. However, PDF files can be difficult to edit and not all tools allow comments. This guide will discuss the main uses of PDF annotation tools. It will also give you a checklist to consider when purchasing PDF annotation software. Finally, it will present four PDF annotation programs for you to choose from.

    What is PDF Annotation?

    An annotation is any additional text, graphics or objects that are added to a PDF document. Annotations are important in PDFs because you cannot add comments during review or approval. To create PDF annotations, you will need special software (see below) such as text boxes, strikethroughs, highlight, strikethroughs and formatting text with underlines and underlines. You can also insert sticky notes, shapes and freehand drawings. You could, for example, add a comment on the layout of an asset to the review and approval process in a sticky note. This will allow everyone to review the file and take appropriate action.

    What are the main uses of PDF annotation? Annotations in PDF are useful for many reasons. Let's look at some scenarios where PDF annotations might prove useful.


    You will need a proofreader to check your content before it is published, regardless of whether you are writing a novel or a legal contract. You can save your work as PDF so that others can view it but not edit it. They can instead add annotations to the document highlighting and changing sections they feel are important. Annotations in PDF ensure that your original content is preserved, but they also allow proofreaders valuable suggestions.

    Take Notes

    When you have complicated documents such as technical specifications and you need to send large video files on whatsapp for example, PDF annotations can be extremely useful. You can make notes as you go through the document and add any questions or important information that you want to be sure to address later. Notes can also be added to help track the things you've done or didn't do according to the instructions. This will make it easier for new members of your team to follow up.

    Art and Design Feedback

    When reviewing and appraising creative assets, you can add PDF annotations. You might ask the designer to modify the CTA's look: "I can't see the CTA. Could you make it visible?" Or, change the background color: "Could the sky be darker?

    Ad Proofing

    When your creative, marketing, and design teams collaborate on your latest ads, PDF annotations are essential. You can compare the text and images of both digital and printed ads. This allows you to produce better ad designs with fewer revisions, errors and versions. Software such as Wondershare UniConverter is also great for converting video for ads etc.

    Annotations for Wireframes

    Wireframe annotations are used by web designers to describe how a feature on the screen should function. An annotation is a description of the wireframe that can be added to visuals. This could include diagrams, edge cases or flow examples. These can be used to guide your internal teams (e.g., developers, copywriters) and clients so that everyone can give feedback.

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