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Olivia Krevoy

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    As a freshman, I have realized that college resembles society on a smaller scale. Certain aspects I have witnessed translate to society at large, especially topics such as the Greek community, night life, social media norms, and a pressure to fit in to what is considered normal. For example, the Greek community, while a safe place to those involved, leads to much exclusion and perpetuated feelings of a social hierarchy. I plan to utilize the Odyssey to bring awareness to the Northwestern community about certain social aspects that people often refrain from discussing out of fear of rejection, or falling outside of the social norm. The sheltered community of Northwestern has taught me that everyone gets so caught up in what is "normal," that people rarely, if at all, question it. I would use the odyssey as an outlet to express my thoughts and to encourage more students to question the social world they are a part of.

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