Use Your Turn Signals, People

Use Your Turn Signals, People

Think before you merge.

I’m not one for cursing or giving someone the finger—but there is one thing that makes me want to be: people who don’t use their turn signals.

There’s nothing that outrages me than the person who won’t take the time to flick their turn signal left or right before turning, merging, parking -- you get the idea. I’ll admit that sometimes I do it, like when I’m turning onto a street in my neighborhood and there’s no one around, or when a person’s so far away it doesn’t even matter. But those aren’t really the things that annoy me.

It’s when you’re on the highway and a person chooses to weave in between you and another car without warning you first, forcing you to slam on your brakes. They tend to be driving at warp speed on top of it, too. The thing is, that sort of reckless driving can cause accidents—minor, sometimes even fatal.

According to research done by the Society of Automotive Engineers in 2012, not using turn signals—or misusing them—results in 2 million accidents annually. That a two with six zeros following it. The research also shows that drivers fail to use their turn signals or don’t turn them off about 48 percent of the time. That means that every day about half of the drivers you pass on the road, aren’t giving you any inclination as to what they’re doing. They’re about as unpredictable as that squirrel that gets a masochistic thrill out of playing chicken with your tires—rest in peace squirrels.

Suddenly that 2 million seems a little bigger now, doesn’t it? Like you could very nearly be in it?

The terrifying thing is we could.

And why is it that people don’t use their turn signals? Unappreciation for the laws meant to protect us? Mandatory drivers-tests with our license renewals? Cops who watch for turn-signal-offenders on top of speeders and suspicious drivers? A new method for indicating our turns—perhaps one that’s automatic?

While the last one sounds ideal—beautiful, actually—we shouldn’t need laws or punishments to remind us of what we need to do to not be a part of that 2 million. We just need to remember that turn signals were created as a reason to keep us safe—and there’s no other reason for not using them other than laziness or distracted driving.

Pay attention, stay safe, do what you’re supposed to and chances are you won’t make the girl who doesn’t curse or flip people off, flip you off and curse at you.

It’s either that or go back to sticking our arm out the window and doing complicated gestures to signal our turns. Talk about frost bite, sun burns, and John Cena sized arms.

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Cover Image Credit: YouTube | I'm Shmacked

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Golf Actually Is A Sport, Sorry Not Sorry

why people don't see it as a sport and reasons why they should

From the early 15th century, golf has been an activity that has stood the test of time and is one of the most widely played casual games in the world.

Golf began in Scotland in 1457, where it was initially banned for being a distraction to military personnel. The game has evolved from the leisure activity it is to one of the most publicized sports in the world, with its own TV network. Professional golfers make anywhere between $6,000 to $6,000,000 dollars on a tour, which is nothing to shake a club at.

Though we may automatically think of golf as a sport, golf is still not recognized as much as it could be. As a member of the women's golf team at my former high school, golf was NOT considered a sport and I was required to take 2 physical education classes compared to the 1 that other high school athletes had to take. The Olympic committee JUST reinstated golf to the Tokyo 2020 games, making this the 2nd time that golf has EVER been a part of the games. So why is golf in limbo when it comes to talking about sports?

1. Golf seems to fit more into the "game" category than the "sport" category:

Golf has long been a game of skill and chance as well as a single person activity, while most sports are team sports where chance does not come into play nearly as often.

2. Golf activity is not as rigorous as other sports.

Golfing is not typically an activity that gets the blood pumping unless you're running from geese or gators on the fairway. The average golfer burns around 300 calories per hour while playing, assuming they walk the course. Compare this to soccer, where the players burn an average of 900 calories per game.

3. Golf does not require a defense against an opponent:

This point is questionable. Though it is true that golf has often been considered a game against one's self, golf can be played against another person or a team. High school and college teams compete against one another all the time.

The above 3 points are those that challenge whether golf should be considered a sport or not. I believe golf is definitely a sport and I'll give you 3 reasons why you should think so too.

1. Golf matches the definition of a sport:

Websters defines a sport as "physical activity engaged in for pleasure". I can attest that golf is definitely a pleasurable activity and can definitely be physically engaging. Walking 18 holes with a bag of clubs is definitely a workout.

2. Golf requires muscle coordination and hand-eye coordination

You'd be surprised just how much strength it takes to get the ball out into the fairway. Muscle strains and injuries are common in big hitters and in regular golfers trying to increase their drive distance. Hand-eye coordination is also key in getting that dimpled ball off the tee.

3. Golf has commonalities with many other sports:

Golf has a huge following, its own TV network, tournaments all over the world, and hundreds of world-champion athletes who bring home the BIG BUCKS. This is no different than all the big names in baseball, basketball, and football. Golf is just as strict as other sports with drug-policies and game rules.

The next time dad or grandpa turns on the golf channel, I challenge you to sit and watch a couple holes. Golf is more interesting that you may think. It's not just some game where you hit a ball around and get it into the hole. Golf is a game of skill and chance, with its fair share of drama, triumphs, and amazing instant replays.

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