How to Use Social Media Effectively to Promote Yourself

10 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Promote Yourself

Social media is a huge part of everyone's lives, so make sure you're using effectively to promote yourself.


We use social media all day, every day. We use it for just about everything. If you're trying to create a name for yourself, you should be using social media. Here's how to use social media effectively so you can promote your brand.

Share Your Expertise


If you want to promote your brand, you need people to know what it is your brand represents. Are you promoting yourself as a fashionista? A graphic designer? A vegan chef? Make sure your social media accounts are all showing your expertise in whatever your field is. It should be obvious what your skills are right when someone clicks on your page. If your social media accounts are mostly full of personal photos that don't show your talents, people won't even know what your brand is representing and you won't be effectively promoting yourself.

Make Every Post Count


If you want to use the power of social media to your advantage, you need to make every post count. While every post shouldn't necessarily be a promotion, you should make every post have a purpose. Don't just post something for the hell of it. If you're going to post a photo, it needs to add value to your page. If it's not directly about your brand or your expertise, it should be about creating an image for yourself. If you want to be considered a travel expert, then share pictures of the beautiful landscape you caught last week.

Encourage Discussion


If you're posting on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you should be using your pages to encourage discussion about topics related to your brand. Ask open-ended questions that attract people to your page. People love sharing their opinions, so you should be giving them the opportunity to do just that. This also allows you to engage with people on topics you know a lot about. You'll garner respect and people will start to consider an expert voice in your field.

Make Your Accounts Visually Appealing


This is particularly important for Instagram. You want your Instagram account to really catch someone's eye. If someone is new to your brand and clicks on your page, they're going to make a snap decision about whether or not to follow you. If your account looks messy and unattractive, you aren't going to get very many new followers, no matter how great your brand is. Put in the effort to make each photo look great, and make sure they all look great together on your page. If a photo sticks out like a sore thumb, it might be best to just remove it from your page.

Have a Separate Strategy for Each Account


Each of your social media platforms should have their own specific strategy for promotion. Instagram should obviously use photos to create a brand image and promote your skillset in a visually appealing way. Facebook is great for creating discussion and talking directly with people who want in-depth discussion. Twitter is a great tool for more lighthearted discussion with people interested in your niche. You can also use Twitter and Facebook to share any blog posts you create related to your niche.

Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines


When you share blogs on Facebook and Twitter, make sure your headlines really grab the reader's attention. Social media is a great way to advertise your content for free, but you'll be wasting it if you aren't attracting readers. People make split-second decisions about whether a blog is worth reading. Make sure your headline is clear and exciting, so people are more likely to visit your blog.

Make Your Pages Unique and Uniform


Each of your social media accounts should have a clear feel to them. People should be able to gauge your vibe right away, just by looking at the pictures you post, the tweets you create, and everything you share on Facebook. But you also want to make your pages unique. Make sure you highlight what sets you apart from other people in your niche. Your personality should be all over your pages. This makes people feel like they can relate to you more, which is a great way to build an audience.

Be a Resource in Your Field


If you want to have a social media following, you really need to know your stuff. People should feel like they can ask you for advice related to your niche, and you should be able to respond effectively. If you have readers and followers who know more about your niche than you do, you won't garner any respect from people. Make sure you're always on top of the newest trends in your field so you can be a great resource for people to rely on.

Post at the Right Times


No matter how great your social media posts may be, it won't matter if nobody sees them. You need to make sure your posts are going live at the prime social media hours. Generally, the best days to post on Facebook and Instagram are during the regular work or school hours. So from around 9 A.M. until around 6 P.M. is when people are most engaged on social media. Posting at these times will lead to more people seeing your posts. Weekends are generally the least engaging days. Definitely avoid posting on a holiday or on a day that a major event or tragedy has occurred.

Don't Overdo It


We stated earlier that every post on your social media accounts should add value, but this does not mean you should only be posting promotional content. If you are constantly bombarding your readers with links to your blog and advice, people will grow tired, feel annoyed with your social media presence, and unfollow you. Supplement your promotional content with posts that feel more human and down-to-earth. These posts add value because it helps people relate to you on a human level, and not just on a superficial level.

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How Happiness In A Relationship Is So Important

What is the happiness and love that we as individuals deserve when it comes to our relationship?


It's different for each of us. Some prefer being showered in gifts, being showed off on social media, bragged about to family and friends. But, what is the one thing that all of those have in common?

That would be the unmistakable amount of love your significant other has for you, that they will do anything to show you that they love you unconditionally. We all show our love for one another in various ways. I for one love being shown the love someone else has for me in small things they do.

It could be a simple 'good morning love' text message or even just a hug out of the blue. Knowing that someone cares so deeply about you is one of life's greatest gifts. Knowing that another human being loves you and wants to be with you, it makes us drunk off of love and our heads float up to the stars.

However, when we don't feel that love, that connection, that reassurance from our significant other that they love and care for us back, it can be an extremely overwhelming and a lonely feeling.

We start looking for those feelings and connections elsewhere. In our friends for reassurance if we look good or blowing up their phones for attention.

We start caring about if other people find us attractive or not, we relish in compliments that other people give us. We start looking for that happiness elsewhere. It's not because you stop loving your significant other or stop caring about them, but we as humans need to feel important and like we are needed by another person.

When you stop letting your significant other know how much you care about them or showcasing your love for them, even if it's a simple gesture like holding their hand or holding the door open for them, they will begin to look elsewhere.

Now I am in no way saying that they will cheat on you, but your relationship and their attitude and feelings towards you will never be the same until you start showing them how much they mean to you just as much as they do for you. I don't condone cheaters or staying in a relationship that you are not happy in.

Yes, some relationships go through hard times like distance or a traumatic event. However, the way I see it is if you entered into the relationship, to begin with, you obviously cared about that person a lot and if they show you that they care and love you for the person you are and your past then they deserve the same in return from you.

Relationships are not always easy, they take time, determination, communication, compromise, and love to stay afloat. If one of you isn't willing to give your all and put forth the effort needed then it will never work. A relationship can't be successful if it is only one-sided.

Despite peoples life's being busy on a day to day basis, you need to always find time for your significant other. Because at the end of the day when things hit the fan, your significant other should be the one that will be there no matter what and always be by your side.

All in all, you need to treat each other the way in which you would want to be treated in a relationship and treat them the way they should be treated despite whatever chaos is going on in the world about you. Love is the conquer of all and should never be thrown around or not taken seriously.

Loving someone else is a gift we are given by God and never taken lightly.

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3 Ways to Save Money on Utilities During Winter

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Don't leave your heater blasting for the next two months and pay a ton of money to the utility company. Here are three ways to keep warm and save money.

Make Sure Your Heating System Is Performing Optimally

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Keep Your Home Insulated

Insulation helps to keep your home warm without using extra heat. By keeping your home insulated, you can save a fortune on utilities because your heating system will be doing a lot less heating. If you don't want to pay for insulation, you can do small things around the house to keep it warmer. Keep the curtains closed all the time to hold in heat. Have the fans turn the opposite way to circulate warm air. These small things can really make a difference.

Bundle Up

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