How do you know exactly what our work load entails?

You claim that all we do is go to class. FALSE! Actually most of us have a lot going on. We are involved in clubs, group projects, and most of us have A LOT of homework that we do. There is a lot more to our schedules than just class.

Why do you seem to think all we do is shop?

You seem to think that all we do is shop and go out. Well some of us may, but probably most of us do not. If I go out to shop, is usually for the essentials like food and shampoo, not to buy a new sweater. And even if we do go out, what gives you the right to tell us how to spend our money or shame us for actually spending money?

Why do you just assume that we are rich?

Most students in college are poor, we live off of noodles and tap water. Money is an issue and I think most students realize that money is important and probably don't have a lot of it. Just because we don't have a job, doesn't mean our parents pay for everything.

How do you know that our parents give us money?

Again you assume that just because we don't work, means that our parents just "funnel" us money with no questions asked. Well, my parents do help out on some bills, but I can assure you, that my parents aren't just funneling me money. For most of my life, I have had to work hard for the things I had, and that hasn't changed in college. I still have to work hard and I still have to answer to my parents while they are paying part of my bills.

How do you know that we don't have work experience?

Apparently you assume that since we don't work in college, that we have never worked in our life. A lot of people work hard in the summer so they don't have to work during the school year. That is called work experience. There are also these things called unpaid internships that also count as work experience, but isn't a paying job.

Why do you assume we have free time?

Just because we don't work, doesn't mean we have ALL the time in the world. Most of us don't just lounge around watching Netflix all day. Some of us are taking a 18 and up hours of hard classes and some of us seem to live in the library doing homework. Also, some of us are involved with clubs and groups, and some of those take up a lot of time. Trust me, we don't have a ton of time for TV and hitting the clubs.

Does is matter how much sleep we get?

Students in college of busy schedules and some people don't get to bed late and some get to bed early. Honestly, I know people who work, go to school, and still get 8 hours of sleep. I also know people who are taking 20 hours and barely get 6 hours of sleep at night. Just because we don't have a job doesn't mean we don't have late nights.

Why is it any of your business if I have a job or not?

Personally, I don't have a job because I am taking 18 hours of upper level difficult classes and really don't have a lot of time for a job. Most of my nights I am doing homework and if I worked every night, I wouldn't be able to pass my classes. Some people don't have a job because they are to busy, some people don't have a job because they work in the summer so they can focus on school during the year, and some people don't have a job because maybe they just don't want to. It is not your business to question why we do or do not have a job.

Do you plan to always assume that those of us unemployed in college are lazy?

Some people in college are working hard so when they get into the work force they can be good at their job and succeed. Most people that go to college are at college to train for a career, isn't that the point of schooling? Just because we are unemployed now, doesn't mean we will always be.

Are you always going to be judgmental of those who are different than you?

I emphasize again, we are going to college to get an education so we can be a productive member of society. Just because we are unemployed does not mean we are planning to marry rich or be lazy. It seems to me, you are missing the whole point on why people go to college.

Just because we don't work doesn't mean we are rich and live off our parents, or we are gold diggers just trying to get someone to support us. Some of us don't work for various reason and you cannot judge any of us until you have walked a mile in our shoes. Some of us suffer from depression, chronic diseases, some are athletes, some take on a heavy school load, and some of us may just want to enjoy the college experience and work during the summer. You have no right to judge us and I hope you can see that we aren't all spoiled brats living off our parents.