March Madness Upsets Galore

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know what tournament is going on right now. This March Madness has been one filled with upsets. I am kind of glad that it has been filled with upsets because that gives teams that are not usually given a chance, a chance to win. Having this many upsets also could show that this entire tournament is rigged for the same teams to always be seeded the highest. I have also never seen this many upsets in one single tournament.

This first upsets started in the first round of the tournament when USC beat SMU, when URI beat Creighton, and Mid Tennessee beat Minnesota. I am not super surprised at the fact that Mid Tennessee beat Minnesota because the 5-12 games constantly have the upset games. However I kind of surprised that Creighton lost to URI because Butler had a hard time against Creighton this season so I was expecting them to do better than the first round.

The second round of the tournament was full of even more upsets. Lots of 1 seeds and 2 seeds got eliminated from the tournament. Number 1 Villanova got beat by number 8 Wisconsin and I do not think anyone saw that coming. In that same region number 2 Duke got beat by South Carolina. Villanova is last years champion and Duke is one of the premier teams in college basketball. These two teams losing just gives evidence as to how this tournament is rigged. In the West, Xavier upset FSU which honestly did not surprise me. Even though Xavier is Butler's rival they are a good team. Now let's talk about an underdog: Michigan. Michigan won the Big Ten Championship and now they have upset the number 2 seed in the Midwest. Michigan is a 7 seed but they definitely know how to bring it when the pressure is on. They have faced so much in the last couple of weeks that you would think they would be rattled but no. They are showing just how good they are.

A lot of the teams are beginning to peak in the tournament and it is beginning to become a great tournament. This weekend was full of games. However, I am writing this article before any of the games were played so I have no idea what upsets or who won this week. I am hoping Butler is still in the tournament at the time this article is published and that they have made it to the Final Four!

Good luck to all and Go Dawgs!

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