There's no time in your life quite like your freshman year of college. With lots of big changes, it can be scary and a lot to take in. Lucky for you though, upperclassmen like me love to help out. Here's a guide to your freshman year of college, as told by an upperclassmen.

1. Wear your welcome day T-shirt everywhere -- it let's people know you're excited to be here.

2. Your roommate won't care if you take their clothes without asking -- just grab whatever you'd like!

It's what roommates are for.

3. If you leave your wet clothes in the washers for an long enough someone is bound to throw them in the dryer for you.

4. Game days are overrated, anyway -- all of the cool kids don't go.

5. Thursdays are campus-wide quiet time and study nights -- just go ahead and stay in.

6. Barnes & Noble or the school book store is always the cheapest place to buy your books.

7. The buses are never on time anyway, you're safe to show up late.

8. Oh, and professors totally don't mind if you're late.

None of them lock their doors, that's just crazy.

9. Lectures are the best place to catch up on sleep, besides they're not that important anyway.

10. Homework is just a suggestion and no one really studies, college is easy.

11. Frat and sorority parties are the best place to meet someone to take home to mom.

12. Upperclassmen totally think it's super cute when you get as drunk as possible, we love watching you have fun!

13. Call your teachers by their first names and use emojis when you're emailing them -- they really just want to be your friend.

14. Your school ID isn't really that important; besides, they replace them for free.

15. And always listen to older students -- we really have your best interest at heart.